‘Finding Carter’ premiere react: 5 reasons we need to watch this show

July 9, 2014 - Finding Carter

MTV has left all The Face on a Milk Carton on us with a newest summer show, Finding CarterThe new show, starring Skins alum Kathryn Prescott, follows a teenage lady who finds out that a lady who lifted her isn’t her mom, yet her kidnapper. Cue that promo you’ve been mindful for weeks where her universe literally turns upside down.


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Carter gets held interjection to some sincerely guileless teenage desire (she and her friends mangle into a internal park’s carousel). Her mom is a Cool Mom and let her go given she capital-T Trusts her. Of course, all it takes is one night in jail and a set of fingerprints to warning a authorities that Carter isn’t indeed Carter, yet Lyndon, a small lady who was abducted 13 years ago.

Despite a YA lit/ABC Family-esque premise, Finding Carter is indeed moulding adult to be a unequivocally engaging show. Here are 5 reasons we need to check it out.

1. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce is a dad! 

I mean, Alexis Denisof is a dad. Still, if you’re a fan of Buffy or Angel, you can’t skip it. Plus, demeanour during how lovable this is. Seriously, TV Father of a Year is most in a bag formed on this one GIF.

2. Carter and her abductor competence usually have a best mother/daughter attribute given a Gilmore Girls. 

They have a great, open, guileless relationship. Then, even when a feds are on her case, Not Mom risks it all to come accommodate Carter for usually a second during a solidified yogurt emporium she immediately gets a pursuit at. Even their illegal, tip messages are adorable.

3. Carter is smart-alecky and facilely cool. 

Everyone loves Carter instantly. The kids in her bio parents’ area are floored by her use of simple scholarship during a inebriated party. Her twin sister, Taylor’s (no, not played by Prescott’s real-life twin sister and associate singer Megan Prescott—this twin is frowzy and fraternal) vanquish immediately falls for her. It’s a hard-knock life, being desired by everyone.

Also, she refuses to answer to Lyndon (or Lyndy, a renouned nickname option) and insists that a family call her Carter. They try to shame her into going by Lyndon, mindful that she usually doesn’t know what her other name represents to them, yet that kind of misses a point, doesn’t it? She’s 16 and has left by Carter for as prolonged as she can remember. we contend indicate goes to Carter on this one, and I’m blissful she stood her ground.

4. The small hermit is awesome. 

When Carter meets her new family, there’s one member she couldn’t presumably remember: Her small brother, Grant. Grant has never lived in a universe in that he wasn’t associated to a blank and presumed-dead girl. He roughly died himself, innate 10 weeks premature. He calls himself a “replacement child” and, even yet a relatives repremand him for mindful it, they don’t unequivocally repudiate it. Grant is also a usually member of a family who realizes on his possess that Carter is perplexing to send a summary to her mom by holding Instagram and Twitter selfies with anyone who wants one during a internal fro-yo joint. He’s mindful and spiteful and awesome.

5. Intrigue! The bio mom is carrying an affair. 

The uncover is unequivocally environment us adult to hatred a bio mom. She’s a military investigator who has been acid for her daughter for years and holding a rest of her family together with a homemade glue of paranoia and overprotective child rearing. Oh, and she’s been carrying an event with another officer. Until a remarkable and astonishing reappearance of her blank daughter, she was formulation to leave her father (and maybe her family?) for her lover. They’re perplexing so tough to make us hatred her. So far, it’s operative like a charm.

Did we watch the Finding Carter premiere? What did we think?

Finding Carter front Tuesdays during 10/9C on MTV.

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