‘Finding Carter’ react: All we caring about is Max and Taylor

July 24, 2014 - Finding Carter

Season 1 | Episode 4 | “Now You See Me” | Aired Jul 22, 2014


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Oh, Finding Carter. You had so many potential. You looked as yet we might, only maybe, follow in a footsteps of better-than-expected MTV programming like Awkward. and Faking It. But alas, you’ve been pretty-much-exactly-what-was-expected, that only doesn’t hurl off a tongue in a same way.

But there is a small light during a finish of this angsty, mostly overwrought, frequency plausible drama: Maylor. “Maylor” is what a Internet (or during slightest Tumblr) is job a pairing of Max and Taylor (and given a choice is “Tax,” let’s only hurl with it, shall we?). This regretful pairing (and a complete perfection) has been some-more intolerable than any of Carter’s wild-child rebellion or any of a parents’ many (many, many) lies.

Let me paint a small design for you:

Taylor is a twin sister who was Left Behind after a abduction. She was a baby that wasn’t lovable or engaging adequate to kidnap—and afterwards she got to spend a rest of her life flourishing adult with a patrolman mom who was constantly on warning and overprotective on her best days. She isn’t generally flattering or humorous or outgoing. She’s smart, though kind of shy and milquetoast. Taylor is a kind of lady who blends in.

Max is a child whose relatives are hands-off in a biggest approach possible. He’s cute, though not hot. He competence hang with a tough throng and fume and wear leather jackets, though during his core, he’s only a tedious goofball who likes articulate about a finer points of evolution. This is startling because, aside from this systematic favorite review topic, Max is painfully dim.

Taylor and Max tumble in adore while creation croutons.

I swear. I’d like to contend it’s a kind of thing we can’t make up, though it’s fiction, so we theory we can. So we theory it’s not a kind of thing you can’t make up, so many as it’s a kind of thing many people would never worry to make up.

But it totally works. Max and Taylor (MAYLOR!) are blossoming into a honestly lovable integrate and a splendid mark of Finding CarterHere are Maylor’s cutest (and concurrently many mundane) moments.

Maylor lean in ungainly overpower during a party. 

Maylor assistance any other’s self-esteem.

Maylor contend bye (for now).



And of, course, Maylor make croutons.






Truly, this is what adore looks like. It’s so innocent, so pure, so … random, in a honeyed kind of way. Thank you, Maylor, for being a thing about this uncover that has me vehement to balance in subsequent week. I’m job it now: Maylor is OTP. Love (and croutons) will prevail.

What did we consider of this week’s Finding Carter? Are we shipping Maylor as many as we am? Sound off in a comments!

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