‘Finding Carter’ react: Birthday or runaway?

August 21, 2014 - Finding Carter

Season 1 | Episode 7 | “Throw Momma from a Train” | Aired Aug 12, 2014


‘Finding Carter’ react: Crash and burn

‘Finding Carter’ react: Taylor a Make-Out Queen and other impression anomalies

Finding Carter isn’t indispensably a bad show, yet it has, during times, been a frustrating one. We wish to empathise with heading lady, Carter (after all, a lady has been yet a lot), yet she creates it tough sometimes. Her bio fam tries to acquire and welcome her, and she’s mostly vigilant on pulling them divided and anticipating a approach behind to Lori, her kidnapper. This week, Carter is finally faced with a preference she’s seemed so certain about all along: Whether to go with Lori or stay with her genuine family.

She has it all designed out and she’s prepared to run, yet afterwards comes a snag: It’s her (and Taylor’s) birthday. It’s a initial happy birthday her twin has ever had (it’s customarily been a unhappy commemorative day), and she’s about to take that divided and make it a day a family mislaid their daughter for a second time. It competence seem like a stakes couldn’t get many aloft than determining to run divided with a law-breaker and assume a new identity, and a teenage girl’s birthday competence seem tiny in comparison. But boy, does Finding Carter do a good pursuit of creation Taylor carrying a happy birthday a biggest of all a episode’s priorities. Carter has a large preference forward of her.


So what does Carter decide? Initially, it’s to go forward with a large birthday whack her grandma decides to chuck for her and Taylor, then cap off a night by using divided and violation a hearts of everybody who loves her.

But first: selling spree!

Okay, while a selling debauch is certainly adorable, it’s also a many LOL-worthy product chain I’ve seen in a prolonged while. Grandma Joan gives both girls entirely installed present cards for Macy’s. They have a fun frisk around a internal Macy’s. They move their goodies home and scrub out on a floor, framed by trendy-but-affordable teen garments and Macy’s bags. Basically, this partial of Finding Carter was brought to we by Macy’s.

But shameless product chain aside, let’s get behind to how darling a girls’ selling outing was. Taylor and Carter inadvertently collect out a same dress (it’s navy blue with lace—sexy for Taylor and tame for Carter, accurately like Grandma Joan ordered). They have a lovable impulse of “You get it!”/”No, you get it!” chaff before they confirm to welcome their twin standing and BOTH get a dress (which, for a record, looks improved on Taylor, even yet it’s ostensible to be “obvious” that it looks improved on Carter).

Then it’s on to a best PG-rated birthday dual newly-17-year-olds could ask for. There’s cake!

There’s amatory family.


There’s a entertaining throng of friends.

And somewhere in a center of all this, Carter starts to feel unequivocally bad about leaving. She’s still going to do it, of course, yet she feels unequivocally bad about it.

And afterwards comes a sister-to-sister chat. Taylor interjection Carter for a good birthday. Carter talks about how uncanny it is to have a new birthday (she thinks she’s usually been 16 for a few months). And afterwards Taylor asks when Carter has been celebrating her birthday, and a explosve drops: Carter has been celebrating a day she was abducted. This was unequivocally seemingly foreshadowed (in flashback, Lori and Carter applaud her “birthday,” and Lori says it’s her favorite day since it’s a day she became a mother), yet it still rocks Carter’s world. Even yet she’s famous all along that Lori kidnapped her, something about this fact seems to make it click. You can see a “It was all lies…” demeanour in Carter’s eyes, and in that moment, we’re finally authorised to like her for a second. She’s vouchsafing a walls down and experiencing a churned emotions she’s been choking down with a solid regimen of rancour and snark.

She decides to stay and confides in David about a whole devise to accommodate Lori and rush together. It would be a unequivocally honeyed impulse to finish on, yet afterwards David gets weird. He goes to tell Elizabeth, who has motionless not to keep posterior Lori or to even forewarn a military (there is, I’m sure, a happy middle between being hellbent on being the patrolman who arrests a lady who kidnapped and afterwards lifted your daughter … and not even bothering to warning a authorities when she tries to re-kidnap her). They confirm that a best march of movement is to call Lori on a burner phone she gave Carter. David plays tough and tells her to stay divided from his family. He lies that a military are on their way, yet afterwards Lori says something intriguing and horrifying: that David never was a good liar.

Um, what?

Were David and Lori involved? Did he play a partial in Carter’s abduction? He has been slippery about a tip book deal. Say it ain’t so, David! we really want to like you!

What did we consider of this week’s Finding Carter? Are we warming adult to Carter now that she motionless to stay? What do we consider is going on with David and Lori? Sound off in a comments!

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