‘Finding Carter’ react: Taylor a Make-Out Queen and other impression anomalies

July 31, 2014 - Finding Carter

Season 1 | Episode 5 | “The Heat” | Aired Jul 29, 2014


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This week’s part of Finding Carter“The Heat,” was a small like stepping into Doppelgängland. After weeks of substantiating everyone’s place in a show, the FC universe was incited a small upside down. Not like, opening credits, literally upside down, though everybody was behaving a small out of character. And, OK, some of them were behaving a lot out of character.


How she usually is: Selfish and whiny and, let’s face it, kind of terrible.

This week: She was actually, weirdly, putting other people and their feelings forward of her own. First, she went on a legit fastening outing with Elizabeth. That’s right: Carter went on a float along with her, though first, they used a battering impel and played paintball in an deserted building. It was roughly as lovable as a paintball stage in 10 Things we Hate About You. But not that cute, given nothing is that cute.

But that’s not all! There was some-more not-totally-selfish function from Carter.

She drags Taylor and Max (aka MAYLOR) to a party, where everybody is smoking and celebration and personification spin a bottle because, teen parties, amirite?

Carter starts paraphernalia a game, blatantly, so that Taylor is creation out with everyone. More on that later, though it’s a weirdly kind gesticulate from Carter and one of a initial moments in that she and Taylor seem to be unequivocally joining as sisters.


How she customarily is: The mimic of a … let’s contend “witch.”

This week: She put aside her possess issues with Carter and her Other Mother to have a rom-com-worthy day of mother-daughter cuteness. She also showed some adore for David, that is a initial for her on a show. They have a lovable stage cuddling on a cot examination movies, though it’s a small tough to watch, given we know she’s intrigue (and we know he knows she’s intrigue and is formulation to leave her).


How she customarily is: A modest small rodent of a girl.

This week: Taylor lets her middle sexpot out. OK, maybe “sexpot” is a small extreme, though she does recover her middle Make-Out Goddess, as she plows by a boys during a celebration during 3 back-to-back rounds of Seven Minutes in Heaven. She gets a possibility to bus her longtime crush, Gabe, though “smooch” is too honeyed a word for what Taylor did to Gabe. She fundamentally lunged during his face and trustworthy herself to him during a lips.

And, of course, we finally got a plain Maylor kiss. Yessss. 


How he customarily is: Very pacifist and peaceful to do anything to assistance Carter, even if it goes opposite his instincts or morals.

This week: When Carter tries to use Max as her lapdog/carrier seagul to get a summary to her mom, he says a customarily summary he skeleton to broach to Lori is for her to leave him alone and stop creation him an appendage after a fact. Being around Taylor is creation him smarter, substantially given their dates engage SAT vocab flashcards.

In fact, when Lori does approach him, he decides to skip a debate and go true for melancholy to spin her into Elizabeth. GO. MAX.


How he customarily is: Obsessed with Carter. End of story.

This week: After Taylor kiss-attacks him, his seductiveness in Carter is (at slightest momentarily) dead. He’s all, “Hey, Taylor, I’ll call you!” And Taylor is like: *confused face given she likes Max now and is over Gabe*

It’s amazing, and I’m so happy for Taylor that she gets to have this moment. we customarily wish that Gabe’s seductiveness doesn’t make her aged feelings come rushing behind and emanate a dreaded and miserable adore triangle.

Of course, this is only a still before a storm. Next week’s part promises a subdivision of David and Elizabeth (his representative is holding his latest book check until a subdivision is legal), and a reunion for Carter and Lori. That’s a lot of things primed to strike a metaphorical fan.

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