Finding Carter Recap 8/26/14: Season 1 Episode 9 “Do a Right Thing”

August 29, 2014 - Finding Carter


Tonight on MTV their play series Finding Carter earnings with a eighth part of a initial deteriorate called “Do a Right Thing.” Tonight, after training of Elizabeth’s affair, Carter and Taylor titillate her to come clean.

On a final part after training of Elizabeth’s affair, Carter and Taylor urged her to come clean. We schooled that David duped Carter by removing her on his side so he could continue his book about her. Elizabeth told David about a event and he asked her to leave a house,although it didn’t take prolonged for her to lapse given there was sum disharmony in a residence though her. In a end, Elizabeth returned home and both she and David betrothed to work on their matrimony that finished all a children happy. Did we watch a final episode? If we missed it we have a full and minute recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s part Carter is tricked by David. Meanwhile, Max and Taylor onslaught to take their attribute to a subsequent stage.

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Carter is sealed in her room and Liz tries to get her to let her in. Taylor asks what’s going on and Liz tells her to go behind to bed. They conduct in by Taylor’s room and see that Carter has incited adult a song and bailed. Grant wakes adult and comes in and asks what’s going on. Taylor says simply – Carter. Liz is with Carter during a caf� and she asks given she’s so dissapoint during David. She tells her that her father lied about articulate to Lori and that he had set adult a assembly where they waited for 3 hours.

She says her father knew they were watchful on something that wouldn’t happen. Liz says David isn’t vicious and Carter says that she concluded to let him write a book. Liz says he’s not a liar though he does censor things. Liz binds out her hands and Carter takes them. She promises Carter that she’ll get an reason for what happened. She asks to expostulate a military automobile and says it would hearten her up.

At school, Gabe says his father is a mess. Ofe shows adult and he has a black eye and tells them it’s a cost of doing business. He says he’s low on cash. He asks where Bird is and she’s articulate to Ramon. He calls her over and says he needs his bank to cover some of his debts. She covers him when he’s brief and she says it’s a bad time. She says her folks are behind in city and are hassling her about money.

Ofe says a man is going to mangle his elbows or knee caps and Carter and Gabe tell him to go to a cops though Ofe reminds them he’s using an bootleg gambling operation. Taylor comes up, Ofe compliments her and Taylor asks her for a automobile keys. Carter wants to know given she’s skipping and Carter hands over a keys and tells her to be protected and have fun.

She hugs her and tells her to not to be nervous. She says Max is a good man and she’s losing her decency perfectly. She hugs her and sends her off. Carter tells her she smells good and looks good. Taylor says subsequent time she sees her she’ll be totally changed. She takes off.

David comes in to find Liz cooking and she says they are for a bake sale during school. She asks how it went from a editor. He says he had a lot of notes. Liz asks to review it and he says soon. She asks given he took Carter to see Lori and says it was an awful thing to do. He says he wanted her to feel that a preference to stay with them was right.

He says it’s excellent as prolonged as she doesn’t know. She tells him that Carter does know and she explains that she only explained a phone call with Lori. He says he has to find Carter and goes. Liz casts an eye on his trek he left lying. David finds Carter during propagandize and asks to talk. Liz opens adult his bag. Carter says she only wants a law no matter what it is.

Liz pulls out a book. Carter asks if he was punishing her for not vouchsafing him write a book and he says he was only perplexing to give her closure. He says his intentions were good. Liz opens a box and sees that a book is finished and a cover art is even done. Carter says she was going to tell David she altered her mind about a book though asks him only to reason off for awhile.

He says they can start when she’s ready. Liz flips by a publishing and sees that it’s totally written. She looks pissed. Taylor and Max are kissing and he asks if she’s certain she wants to do this. He tells her she can change her mind during any time. He asks if she likes a song and she does. He tells her not to be fearful to pronounce adult if she doesn’t like something or wants him to stop.

Taylor tells him to stop and says it sounds like driver’s ed. He says he only wants her initial time to be perfect. She asks to spin a light off and afterwards says they can do whichever approach is best. Max tells her to confirm what creates her comfortable. She says light off. They lick some more. She says now she can’t see him and asks for a flare to be incited on.

Max says he found that flare on a travel and it doesn’t work. He says he’ll go to a hardware store and get a flare and runs out. David comes home and picks adult his backpack. He can tell a book is left and he punches a smoke-stack of cookies that says bake sale, do not touch.

Crash tells Ofe to tell him who kick him adult though Ofe says it was his mistake for holding bets that were too large. Carter asks Crash if he beats people adult and he doesn’t unequivocally answer. Max is behind with a flare and they’re kissing again. She asks what’s wrong and he says he’s shaken and doesn’t know what to do. He says he’s customarily improved than this.

She asks given he’s shaken and he says being her initial is a good honor. He says he wants to be improved than a guys that come after him and doesn’t wish to consider about them though can’t. He says he’s terrible for withdrawal and shopping a lamp. He says being shaken and revelation her he’s shaken is only creation it worse. He apologizes. She says they can do it another time and he seems to like that.

Taylor leaves. Max calls out good-bye. Bird hands Ofe a necklace. She says she took it from her mom’s valuables closet. She tells him to guaranty it. Crash says he can guaranty it though Carter tells him not to do it. He asks if she’s disturbed and he likes that. Bird says it’s not like it’s stolen and Ofe tells Crash he loves him. Then Bird says hello and he tells her he loves her too.

Grant sees a bashed in cookies and wipes a crumbs off a counter. He throws a enclosure of cookies int eh rabble and heads out. Taylor is in her room when Carter comes in to pronounce and ask how it went. Taylor creates a face and tells her he was shaken and uncanny about destiny boyfriends. Taylor says she’s not certain he wants to though Carter says he really, unequivocally likes her. Taylor says she really, unequivocally likes him too.

Liz comes in and knocks on a doorway of David’s office. She sets a book down on his list and tells him good fitness perplexing to pronounce his approach out of that one. He only glares. They lay during conflicting ends of a list after and he says he’ll pronounce to Carter later. She says they can pronounce to Carter together. He walks away, clearly resigned.

Liz knocks on Carter’s doorway and tells her it’s time to get up. She asks for some-more time and Liz tells her she’s not going to propagandize today. She asks given and she says they need to pronounce over breakfast. Carter looks by a book her father has written. She looks adult during him and says – you’d already created it – and a whole debate about kind law revelation was a lie.

David says yes. She asks what a red outlines are and he says a editor finished those marks. She asks Liz if she’s review it and she says she did yesterday. Carter asks David if he would only fake to pronounce it by with her and uncover her chapters he’d already created and edited. He pronounced he hadn’t suspicion it by though says he unequivocally indispensable a book. He says he wouldn’t have published though her permission.

Carter cries and says she doesn’t trust him. Later, Bird reads a book and they are repelled during a things David has created about them all. Ofe is anxious during a diversion formula given now he doesn’t ow a guy. Bird tells Carter to call Crash though he gets voice mail. Bird’s intercom rings and her mom says she needs her in a house. Bird gets another ping and goes.

Taylor is dancing in her room when Max comes in. She says it’s bad. She’s in her bathrobe and no makeup. She says she’s blissful he’s there and he says he likes her like this. He kisses her. She asks to change a song and he says no. She says she needs to brush her teeth and says it’s not perfect. He says it is and pushes her behind on a bad. He says he unequivocally likes her. She says she unequivocally likes him.

Max says he really, really, really, really, unequivocally likes her. Then he kisses her. She tells him that’s 5 and there’s one some-more to go. The intercom rings and a voice asks for Carter. She goes adult to a categorical residence as requested. There are military in a house. She asks for a necklace she has of hers and afterwards says she has a bracelet of hers. Carter says Bird gave it to her. Bird says she didn’t. Kyle is there and he arrests Carter for grand larceny…

At a bake sale, Grant lies and tells his mom her cookies sole out unequivocally fast. Someone asks if this is her phone and afterwards says she needs to overpower it during propagandize events given she should be means to present a integrate of hours of time. She afterwards tells Liz that her daughter is in jail. Liz gets a content and Grant tells her to go. She races out. It’s Kyle withdrawal her messages about Carter.

David comes in and asks given he can’t stay out of his family business. Kyle says Carter doesn’t have a lot of friends there and has been indicted of hidden $100 grand of jewelry. He tells him she was wearing a $20,000 bracelet when she was arrested. He tells him to get a good rapist lawyer. Liz shows adult and tells David she doesn’t trust him with her given he competence be looking for element for his book.

Liz says she believes Carter and David says maybe she was hidden to have income for her run divided outing with Lori. Kyle tells them Bird is prepared to attest opposite her and it’s bad. Bird tells Ofe she can’t tell her relatives she lied given they’re looking for any pardon to dump her. Ofe says Carter will be in jail unless she stairs up. Crash comes in and asks what’s up. He says he got 20 grand for a necklace.

Bird says he has to get behind a necklace and afterwards her mom will dump a charges. He says to get her to dump a charges initial afterwards he’ll get a necklace back. She says it’s a excellent time for him to rise ethics and Ofe says she’s lost hers. Liz comes in and Carter asks if they can go. She asks if Crash put her adult to it though Carter says it’s about her.

She asks what could occur to her and Liz says they need a rapist attorney. Liz says they have to wait until they set her bail. Carter tells her that Bird took a necklace and pronounced her mom would never skip it. She says between her and her father she competence be improved off in jail. Liz sighs. At home, Liz and David go to pronounce to Taylor though Liz opens a door, sees her and Max, a slams it and says they can pronounce about it later.

Max comes downstairs and says he’s leaving. He apologizes to Liz. He tells Taylor 6 reallys and goes. Liz tells Taylor she didn’t comprehend a dual of them were so close. They tell Taylor that Carter is in jail for hidden from Bird. Taylor tells her to go pronounce to Bird and says she’ll moment – she says she’s sceptical of Carter and has been and that Carter would never take from her.

Bird and her mom uncover adult with a cop. Bird says she did a terrible thing and hopes they can pardon her. She says her daughter stole a necklace and blamed it on Carter. David says he was wrong. Liz says she’s going to collect adult Carter. Bird’s mom says she’s forsaken all charges. Kyle tells Liz that Carter is gone. She asks where she is and he says Crash came by and posted bail for her.

He says it was about an hour ago. Liz is mad during him and says she only got her behind and now she’s gone. She cries and says – she’s gone. We see Carter and Crash pushing away. He hands her a book and says she left it during Bird’s. He asks if it’s any good and she says she didn’t caring for it. She opens a window and lets it fly out page after page and says – who’s going to wish to review a book called Finding Carter now?


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