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September 7, 2016 - Finding Carter

I don’t know about we all, though when we consider behind on my teenage years, we don’t consider about proms, initial crushes, and homework. Nope, we consider about death, drugs, and domestic violence. I’m kidding, of course, since my name is not Carter and when we was 17, we was some-more disturbed about removing my braces off than we was about fibbing to a military about a man that only overdosed during my party. 

But that’s adequate about me. Let’s speak about Carter:

The Teenage World
Before we get to a passed body, let’s locate adult on all that led adult to a large overdose. First, Carter has entirely changed in with Jared, though it doesn’t take really prolonged for their honeymoon theatre to come to an finish … since zero will kill intrigue like someone violation into your apartment. 

But since Carter’s a many unshakable teen in a story of a world, she’s reduction disturbed by a occurrence and some-more disturbed about what comes next. Her idea? Make their parties legit and make some-more money. Yep, Carter’s apropos a genuine business lady (but still one that lies by regulating her feign ID to lease celebration venues).

After welcoming Ben behind into her life — and convincing him to ask Lori if Olivia can pierce in once she’s out of rehab — Carter fills Elizabeth in on her life. Of course, a whole living-with-Jared thing doesn’t go over too well, though Carter stays unfazed. She’s got a celebration to plan, and she’s found a ideal venue: a church! Because zero says “the ideal place for underage drinking” like a church.

And zero says reserve like carrying a gun in your apartment, right? Well, that’s Jared’s thinking, though Carter is not a fan. (Remember that her final beloved incidentally shot and scarcely killed Max.) Jared promises to get absolved of it, though first, they have to accommodate adult with a squad to find out Bird’s large news: Seth has landed a residency in New York, and she has landed an internship during an art gallery. So basically, she and Seth are relocating to New York for a summer, and Damon is super bummed.

However, he’s not as bummed as Ben when he asks Lori if Olivia can stay with them and she straight-up says no. To be fair, it’s since she’s carrying difficulty removing a pursuit and can’t means it. Luckily, Carter — a teenager! — offers to chip in some income so Lori agrees … though not until after Ben tells Jared that he’ll keep offered drugs for him.

Spoiler: Ben is not a many watchful person, so it takes Carter about 5 mins to locate him traffic and flog him out of their party. Jared, however, is most some-more discreet, so Carter still has no thought that he’s behind a drug dealing, not to discuss a fact that he owes some man $40,000 to compensate behind a loan. To make matters worse, Jared brought his gun to a celebration for, we know, additional security. (Because carrying a celebration in a church wasn’t uncanny enough, he brought a gun.)

NEXT: R.I.P. Seth

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