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April 19, 2015 - Finding Carter

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Next Tuesday during 10:00 p.m. EST, an all-new part of “Finding Carter” will atmosphere on MTV! In “Pretty When You Cry,” Episode 4 of Season 2, we’ll see Lori seeking Carter for help. But is she utilizing her “daughter”? Watch a full Episode 4 promo preview video, and locate adult on new “Finding Carter” spoilers below!

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What should “Finding Carter” fans demeanour brazen to saying in subsequent week’s all-new “Pretty When You Cry” (S02E04)? Warning: vital Episode 4 spoilers ahead!

MTV has expelled a code new promo preview video for Episode 4 of Season 2 – and it looks like there’s copiousness of play ahead.

Check out a full preview video subsequent to see what’s in store for Carter subsequent week:

“It’s not over, until she says it’s over,” teases a anecdotist in a “Pretty When You Cry” (S02E04) promo video.

“It’s Lori…She wants me to assistance her,” explains Carter.

“You’re being manipulated by her,” she is told.

We afterwards see Carter visiting Lori in jail, opposite a recommendation of her peers.

“Mom, ease down,” says Carter.

“You called me Mom. we never suspicion I’d hear we call me that again,” replies Lori in a romantic final stage of a preview.

Prepare for an heated episode, “Finding Carter” fans!

As we formerly reported, according to TV Guide’s synopsis, in “Pretty When You Cry” (S02E04), “A foreigner from Carter’s past provides new insights on Lori.”

Plus, we’ll watch as “Joan interferes with Grant” – that expected outcome in some vital drama.

Excited for subsequent week’s part of “Finding Carter”? What do we trust Lori’s intentions are in seeking Carter for help? Sound off with your thoughts and theories about a latest promo preview and spoilers in a comments territory below.

“Pretty When You Cry,” Episode 4 of “Finding Carter” Season 2, front Tuesday, Apr 21 during 10:00 p.m. EST on MTV.

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