‘Finding Carter’ Season 2 Spoilers: Ben Winchell Reveals Carter’s New Brother …

September 23, 2015 - Finding Carter

Finding Carter” earnings for a second half of Season 2 on Oct. 6, when fans will get to know visitor Ben Wallace. But according to a actor who plays a character, Ben is not to be trusted.

In a video talk with MTV, 21-year-old actor Ben Winchell suggested some-more about his impression Ben Wallace, a intolerable tip hermit of Carter Stevens (Kathryn Prescott) who rocked a justice room when he suggested himself to be a son of Lori (Milena Govich) and David (Alexis Denisof) during a mid-season finale.

Like Carter, Ben has had a unequivocally difficult life. According to Winchell, that will unequivocally play a outrageous cause in a approach a new impression behaves and what happens this season.

“Ben has had a small bit of a uneasy past,” Winchell told MTV. “He’s been in and out of encourage homes his whole life and we start to see maybe some people from his past entrance behind into his life that gets a small tricky.”

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Between Carter anticipating out that her mom kidnapped her from her genuine family, doing a pressures of high propagandize and adjusting to her new family, a array has already seen copiousness of drama.

According to TVLine, a recently expelled Season 2 trailer proves that Ben will be adding a lot some-more problems for Carter and her family, and that his intentions are not always what they seem.

“Ben creates income unequivocally creatively and his untrustworthy deals might or might not explode on him this season,” Winchell said. “You never unequivocally know what his loyal intentions are, so he’s always going to keep we guessing.”

Besides Ben-related drama, Season 2 will underline Carter removing a job, presumably withdrawal school, and assembly a new adore seductiveness named Jared (Jackson Rathbone). The deteriorate will also exhibit how a Wilson family handles David’s tip and Lori’s pierce to town.

Finding Carter” earnings to MTV for a second half of Season 2 on Oct. 6.

Watch a finish talk with Ben Winchell below.


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