Finding Carter Season 2 Trailer: The Hunt for Lori Unearths New Secrets

February 26, 2015 - Finding Carter

“Where a #$%^ is Carter?” That’s only one of a many questions being asked in this disdainful initial look at Finding Carter‘s second season, as a MTV play picks adult immediately following the suggested gone-girl’s latest kidnapping.

Of course, Carter’s disappearance isn’t the only mystery being explored this season; a stage in a new teaser finds David revelation Elizabeth, “There’s things we need to speak about … things about Lori,” while holding that questionable design she once took of him sleeping. And what secret was Elizabeth formulation to take to her “grave”?

Fans of Max — whose destiny with a Wilson family seemed gossamer during a finish of Season 1 — will also be happy to see that a golden-haired, crouton-cooking round of sensitivity is still really most in a picture.

Finding Carter kicks off a second deteriorate Tuesday, Mar 31, during 10/9c.

So strike PLAY on a video below, afterwards start cooking adult those theories: What’s David’s large secret? Has Elizabeth been assisting him censor it? Is Lori super-crazy, or only regular-crazy? Drop a criticism with your thoughts below.

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