‘Finding Carter’ Season 3 Renewal: Fans Can Sign Petition, How Many Signatures Are There So Far? [VIDEO]

February 14, 2016 - Finding Carter

Finding Carter

Ever since Finding Carter got canceled, fans have been doing what they can to assistance get it back.

‘Finding Carter’ Actor Is ‘Sad’ About Series’ Cancellation

There is a petition online that has gained some-more than 3,000 signatures so far. While this doesn’t pledge anything, a fact that people are going out of their approach to supplement their names on this list competence during slightest emanate some attention.

The petition can be sealed here.

Chatter On Max Taylor’s Relationship On ‘Finding Carter’

There were a few storylines from a MTV array that didn’t utterly get wrapped up, one of these including how Max went to jail for a murder of Jared. In a prior talk with TV Insider, Alex Saxon (Max) non-stop adult on where this story could’ve continued.

“I consider there’s a lot to be explored about what would occur if Max went to jail and went where his father has spent most of Max’s life; how he would regression and how he would change,” Saxon said. “I’d like to consider partial of since Max is so penetrable to everybody around him and unwavering of holding caring of people and not spiteful anybody is since he knows a evil, a darkness, that’s out there.”

The actor also suggested how this would impact Taylor.

“She apparently doesn’t wish him to go to jail and have his life cracked anymore,” Saxon said. “She’s also comparatively receptive and knows right from wrong, we think. There’s substantially a partial of her that knows that was a right thing to do. we don’t consider she’s so greedy to consider that she only needs to keep Max out.”

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