Finding Carter Season Finale First Look: Prepare for Lori’s Craziest Surprise Yet

September 16, 2014 - Finding Carter

Already a famous kidnapper, it looks like Finding Carter‘s Lori Stevens can also supplement “stalker” to her résumé.

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In TVLine’s disdainful initial demeanour during Tuesday’s deteriorate culmination (MTV, 10/9c), Carter gets her hands on some creepy photos of David and Elizabeth allegedly taken by Lori. The catch? They were taken way before a integrate claims to have famous their daughter’s abductor.

Of course, the real twist comes when Carter volunteers to assistance Elizabeth with Operation: Catch a Crazy Lady. But will she go by with it?

Hit PLAY on a preview shave next to find out how it all goes down, afterwards drop a criticism with your theories about tomorrow’s game-changing finale.

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