‘Finding Carter’ Shocker: Max Was Supposed To Die

March 13, 2015 - Finding Carter

Any “Finding Carter” fan knows a uncover has been chock full of intolerable twists, astonishing turns and tainted tears (from both a characters and us, tbh). From David‘s literary lies to that affair (for shame, Elizabeth!), a characters aren’t accurately famous for their indication behavior. And afterwards there’s Lori “Crazypants” McGee… no criticism on that one.

That said, a show’s writers had a opposite storyline in mind when they grown good man Max’s character. Brace yourselves: Max. Was. Supposed. To. DIE.


What?! NO. That can’t be true. (It’s true.) During a behind-the-scenes interview, below, a expel suggested that Carter’s hometown bestie and Taylor’s adore seductiveness was never ostensible to make it past Episode 10. When C’s bad-news beloved accidentally shot Max in a hold-up-gone-wrong, that was creatively going to be it for a flaxen-haired good guy. No some-more video diversion fests with Grant, no difference of knowledge for Carter and no multi-really confessions of adore to Taylor. And no some-more croutons. SOMEBODY HOLD US.


Luckily, Max lived. THANK GOD. Croutons for everybody! Check out a talk next and tell us — how ravaged would we have been if we’d indeed mislaid Max?? Also be certain to locate a premiere of “Finding Carter” on Tuesday, Mar 31 during 10/9c!

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