‘Finding Carter’ Sneak Peek: Ben Reveals Details About His Super-Mysterious Past

September 29, 2015 - Finding Carter

The mysteries behind “Finding Carter“’s Ben are solemnly being solved, interjection to a small questioning by his scientific sister.

In a hide look below, a brand-new character is pushing by city with Carter when she decides to finally get some 411.

“So where were we before all of this?” a Wilson twin asks, with “this” clearly referring to a day he unexpected seemed during Lori’s trial, announced that he’s a son of Ms. Stevens and David and became a partial of, like, everyone’s life.

“Crappy city in Delaware,” he answers. Before that? “A crappy city in New Jersey.”

Weeeell, fine then. Carter’s subsequent question: “Does encourage caring unequivocally siphon as many as they contend it does?”

“I don’t unequivocally remember a lot since we was sealed in a groundwork many of a time,” Ben replies.

Umm, WHAT?!!

Fortunately, a teen afterwards breaks into a grin to exhibit that — PHEW — he was only joshing.

The siblings’ review starts to lessen when they arrive during their destination, with Ben revelation his sis to wait in a automobile while he “[hops] out for a few minutes.” But before he does, he offers one other square of unfortunate engaging information: “It’s not a encourage relatives we have to worry about — it’s a encourage kids,” he says. “They’re a ones we gotta watch out for.”

Anyone else only lift an eyebrow?

Watch a clip, below, afterwards tell us: Does Ben seem only a small bit shady? Do we consider Carter and her family need to “watch out” for HIM? And what in a universe do we consider Ben’s going to do while Carter waits in a car? Then be certain to balance in for a lapse of “FC” on Tuesday, Oct 6 during 10/9c!

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