‘Finding Carter’ Sneak Peek: Will Carter Take The Fall For Taylor?

May 12, 2015 - Finding Carter

Oh no! In an EXCLUSIVE hide look during a new part of ‘Finding Carter,’ Carter and Taylor get into a frightful automobile accident– and their sisterly bond is put to a test.

Now that’s sisterhood. On a May 12 part of Finding Carter, Carter (Kathryn Prescott) and Taylor (Anna Jacoby-Herron) get into a buffer bender which, normally, competence not be that large of a deal. However, since of Taylor’s new investigation with pills, she immediately panics that she will be drug tested. So, in a exhilarated flash, Carter contingency confirm either she will take a tumble for her sis, or let her run a risk of being held with drugs in her system. Check out a EXCLUSIVE shave right now!

‘Finding Carter’: Carter Taylor Get In A Car Accident

“Oh my God,” is fundamentally all that Taylor can contend after back finale a automobile in front of her on a new part of Finding Carter.

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While Carter substantially thinks she’s overreacting (they’re totally protection following a accident, after all), Taylor fast tells her because she’s so freaked out. “I took something this morning,” Taylor says. Obviously, Carter asks her what she’s taken.

“A pill,” Taylor replies, ominously. “It was to assistance me concentrate.” And then, right on cue, a military arrive.

Will Carter Take The Fall For Taylor?

So a doubt becomes, will Carter contend she was a one pushing a car?

As a cops get out of a automobile and ask a dual if they’re okay, they tepidly contend yes. But then, one of a cops says accurately what they were dreading: “We’re gonna have to record a report.”

Dun solicit dun. Then a officer asks who was pushing and, yup, Carter stairs up. “I was,” she says. “Sorry, totally my fault. we don’t know where my mind was.”

Wow, Carter, that was bold. Let’s wish this doesn’t backfire!

Do we consider Carter should have lonesome for Taylor?

— Casey Mink

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