‘Finding Carter’ Star Seeks A Warrior’s Spirit In New CBS Miniseries

January 13, 2015 - Finding Carter

On “Finding Carter,” Kathryn Prescott plays a rebel teen who’s constantly on a run, though in a actress’ subsequent project, she’s prepared to plant her feet and fight.

According to Deadline, Prescott will whet her knives for a purpose in CBS’ miniseries “The Dovekeepers,” formed on Alice Hoffman’s 2011 novel. The story follows a organisation of immature women in 70 CE whose clan is fighting to wand off a Romans’ advance of Masada, a mountaintop outpost nearby a Dead Sea. While one lady is focused on recovering her people and another on finding her loyal identity, Prescott’s impression wants usually to quarrel and to secure a destiny for those she loves.

“What captivated me is it had these amazingly absolute and bold women,” pronounced writer Roma Downey yesterday during a Winter TV Press Tour 2015, where a trailer next was screened for critics. “For many years as an actress, myself, we was always looking for a story or scripts that unequivocally put women out front and center. This does that. It’s profoundly moving.”

Take a look during “The Dovekeepers” below, and balance in to Part we on Tuesday, Mar 31 on CBS. Plus, hang parsimonious to locate Prescott in a lapse of “Finding Carter,” that premieres on Mar 31!

source ⦿ http://www.mtv.com/news/2047975/finding-carter-kathryn-prescott-the-dovekeepers/

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