Finding Carter Stars Tease Carter’s Big Change and Max’s ‘Connection’ to Lori

August 15, 2014 - Finding Carter

Will she stay or will she go? Tuesday’s Finding Carter (MTV, 10/9c) features the suggested impression during her many severe crossroads yet, and Kathryn Prescott tells TVLine that “there’s a large change in Carter” by a finish of a hour. But is change always a good thing?

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Plus: Alex Saxon reveals how Max’s fan-favorite crouton stage became a “turning point” for a character’s destiny on a uncover — and what’s really going on with Crash?

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CRASH BURN | Now that Carter has done her feelings for Crash known, a integrate is going full steam ahead. But is that a good thing? “He’s going to change her negatively, though not in a standard way,” Prescott explains. “He’s always revelation her to stop; he doesn’t wish to get her concerned in his life. we feel like Carter is so penetrable towards him since he’s a usually chairman in her life who’s gifted that same turn of trauma.”

LIFE-CHANGING CROUTONS | Though he wasn’t creatively envisioned as a repeated character, Max’s position on Finding Carter became solidified when a powers-that-be celebrated him in a kitchen with Taylor. “The crouton stage was a branch indicate when MTV started meditative about where Max could unequivocally fit into a uncover and for how long,” Saxon explains. “Max was a one-episode guest-star, and afterwards it only kind of kept going. That crouton stage was fun; we didn’t know it during a time, though they saw it and they favourite it.”

carter-and-loriDECISIONS, DECISIONS | we don’t consider Lori’s going to like what Prescott has to contend about Carter’s expansion this week. “There’s a large change in Carter in Episode 7; she’s kind of put down roots in this family, not definition to,” Prescott begins. “And she’s also started to turn trustworthy to them. Episode 7 is engaging since we generally see how strongly connected Carter and Taylor are as twins.”

MAMA DRAMA | Max seems like a ideal attribute between Lori and Carter — is there a simpler, sweeter tellurian on radio right now? — though it sounds like that’s all about to change. “Max and Lori had a connection, only as Max has a good attribute with Elizabeth,” Saxon explains. “But his calm and his good inlet are being tested; Lori’s apropos some-more and some-more inapt in her interactions, and Max doesn’t know what to do with that.”

Finding Carter fans, what are your thoughts on Carter and Crash? Max and Taylor? Drop a criticism with your take on a MTV play below.

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