‘Finding Carter’ Teaser: Lori Just Scored A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

October 6, 2015 - Finding Carter

Warn a city — a savage is loose. Again.

When we final saw abductor/master manipulator/psycho Lori on a mid-season culmination of “Finding Carter,” she was finally on hearing for transgression kidnapping. But in truly divergent fashion, she’d managed to lift a integrate of last-minute tricks from adult her sleeve: The lady of a thousand disguises (most of them ball caps) was perplexing to explain solitary control of Carter. Oh, and her counsel offering a warn declare during a trial: Ben Wallace, who introduced himself as a son of Lori and David (d’oh!).

The part finished only after Ben’s OMFG revelation, withdrawal us in a dim as to either a decider justly finally sent Lori adult a stream — until now. In a mint teaser below, Carter’s biological mother emerges from a courtroom as a womanlike contributor describes what she calls a “stunning spin of events.”

“The defendant, Lori Stevens, has been found not guilty on sovereign abduction charges,” a publisher announces. “[She] has been expelled after time served.”

Yup, we listened right. Kidnapping Carter as a child? No biggie. Drugging a teen and abducting her again — during gunpoint? Pffft. Lori’s a giveaway lady and, in all her delusional glory, she done a beeline to a clamoring reporters to demonstrate her pleasure with a verdict.

“I’m only beholden to have my leisure and to know that my son is alive and well,” she says in a clip, before adding that there’s something else for that she’s thankful: a fact that “the decider saw it fit to endowment me custody.”

All together now: SAY WHAT??

Did Lori unequivocally get control of Carter? And what other play unfolded in a building hallway? Watch a whole shave to find out — afterwards get prepared for most some-more movement when “FC” earnings on Tuesday (tomorrow!) during 10/9c!

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