‘Finding Carter’ Trailer: Carter’s New Brother Stirs Up Trouble — Watch

September 8, 2015 - Finding Carter

Who else is counting down a days until Oct. 6? Yes, it’s my birthday, though it’s also a lapse of ‘Finding Carter,’ and this new trailer has got us severely hyped.

Hooking up, fighting, and bad brothers? Yup, it has to be Finding Carter. With Lori (Milena Govich) creation a outrageous lapse into Carter’s (Kathryn Prescott) life with Ben, all is about to change. Watch a trailer here!

Here’s some things in a trailer that we’re freaking out over.

Lori is back and it looks like it’s for good. Ben, a new bro, is now vital with her and somehow David thinks that Ben has his eyes… ok. Anyway, Lori has been warning Carter that things aren’t going so good so it’s no astounded that Carter’s branch to a small some-more merrymaking to figure out her life.

Cue Jackson Rathbone! The Twilight hottie is entering this deteriorate as a associate co-worker during a new bar that Carter has taken a pursuit at, and we have a feeling that sparks could totally fly there. Additionally, Crash is behind in city so… Carter will substantially have a small stress entrance her way.

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As for a intrigue between Max and Taylor that we’re kind of spooky with… well, we’re going to see them still perplexing to figure that out. Ugh, can’t they only be together already? Well maybe it’s since he’s doing physique shots off of another girl. You kind of merit that diss Taylor yells during you, Max. Get Season 1 Here!!

Here’s what to expect, according to MTV:

As Carter gets to know a puzzling hermit she never knew she had, she also contingency figure out who she wants to be and where she unequivocally belongs. She eventually decides to dump out of propagandize to find her possess path, and lies her approach into a pursuit as a barkeeper where she sees herself in a whole new light. She’ll even deliver her middle round to a racy, subterraneous celebration circuit. Her new, quick lifestyle is a ideal deputy for a boredom of high school, until it speeds out of her control… and she needs her family some-more than ever.

Are we vehement for Finding Carter?

— Emily Longeretta

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