‘Finding Carter’ ups a ante (and a flounder factor) in new clip

July 19, 2014 - Finding Carter

The initial few episodes of MTV’s latest scripted array packaged a season’s value of amour into dual brief hours—and from a looks of this disdainful look during part 3, things won’t be negligence down anytime soon.


‘Finding Carter’ is, improbably, a pointed uncover about kidnapping

The following dual mins contain a lovable bad child training a 12-year-old how to hurl a joint—”Out there in a genuine world, this is deliberate a simple life skill!”—an pragmatic drug deal, a thespian confrontation, and a erotic makeout event between dual teenagers… that happens in front of one of their parents. And all of her new friends. And a man who’s personally in adore with her. In short: Watch out, DegrassiFinding Carter‘s entrance for you.

The subsequent part of Finding Carter front tonight at 10 ET on MTV.

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