‘Finding Carter’: When your aged mom is your new mom, too

July 17, 2014 - Finding Carter


Finding Carter: Drama. Back-to-back episodes 10 p.m. Tuesday on MTV.

MTV isn’t unequivocally famous for thespian series, with a difference of a justifiably addictive “Teen Wolf.” On Tuesday, a former song radio network takes a poignant step divided from overdosing a viewers with regulation junk like “Teen Mom” (there though for a beauty of Trojans go you) with a new array “Finding Carter.”

At 16, Carter Stevens (Kathryn Prescott) has a mom, Lori (Milena Govich), who seems usually about perfect, a kind of mom any teenage lady would want: loving, attentive, though also bargain that her daughter is flourishing adult and needs space to make her possess decisions about some things, even if they finish adult being a wrong decisions.

Then one day, Carter’s life is totally upended when she’s told that she is unequivocally a daughter of David and Elizabeth Wilson (Alexis Denisof and Cynthia Watros), that she has a twin sister, Taylor (Anna Jacoby- Heron), and a younger hermit named Grant (Zac Pullam). The lady she suspicion was her mom and loves dearly kidnapped her when she was 3.

Carter has no memory of her genuine family. What she’s always suspicion of as her genuine life is unexpected left and clearly out of reach. She accepts that a Wilsons are her biological family and creates an try to adjust to a sudden change in her life, though mostly as a approach of anticipating some belligerent underneath her feet again.

The Wilsons seem good adequate and rather average. Dad is a author who authored a book about his daughter’s abduction and Mom is a cop, Grant is a standard youngest child, mostly ignored and kind of a wiseass, and Taylor is all Carter is not: shy, awkward, not nonetheless gentle in her skin as a immature teenager.

Now Carter is held – not usually between dual worlds, though between dual lives. She still maintains ties to her aged beloved Max (Alex Saxon) and misses her other mom, though a rest of her aged friends seem to have disappeared. Her temperament is so conflicted she insists that a Wilsons call her by a usually initial name she’s ever known, a name Lori gave to her: Carter.

Finding Carter” stands out by avoiding a obvious. Carter’s abductor has been an exceptional, amatory mother, from all we know. Her genuine mom wants to reassume her purpose in her daughter’s life, though she’s not ideal – she’s done mistakes as a mom and, as it turns out, as a mom as well.

The uncover is unequivocally an scrutiny of a whole nature-nurture debate. Carter is who she is since of how she’s been lifted for 13 years of her life. Except for appearance, Taylor and Carter don’t even seem related, most reduction twins. We’re left with expectation of how a lives of both girls could change if their mom has unequivocally schooled from her mistakes and can reconstruct her family, now that Carter is behind home.

At a same time, of course, Carter can't simply spin her behind on a lady who lifted her, and that fact offers even larger intensity for destiny episodes.

The expel is regularly good and a younger actors are particularly convincing as genuine teenagers – a monument in many TV shows. Prescott is terrific. You can't take your eyes off her as she explores a complexities and hurdles of being a immature lady whose life is unexpected pulled out from underneath her.

David Wiegand is The San Francisco Chronicle’s executive facilities editor and TV critic. E-mail: dwiegand@sfchronicle.com Twitter: @WaitWhat_TV

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