‘Finding Carter’ Will Not Return For Season 3

January 31, 2016 - Finding Carter

Finding Carter

What? MTV has officially pulled a block on Finding Carter?


No no no no no. we need my CarCrash romance!

We just got a Jared tract turn off on another run, and they lift a plug.

Zac Pullam, who played Carter’s younger hermit Grant, suggested a news on his Twitter comment during 10:54 this morning (1/29/16).

If we remember, we only finished adult Season 2 in Dec with utterly a few new developments:

  • Bird was profound with Seth’s baby and had to make a tough preference to get an abortion. (While she would have been a good mom, we all know she was in no position, financially, to lift a child).
  • Ben, Carter’s half hermit (full brother? Depends on if we trust that Lori is Carter and Taylor’s biological mom), was beaten to near-death by Jared’s druggie bro, Rick. Nice guy, this Rick. Remind me to send him a one approach sheet in a palm basket.
  • Lori confessed to Jared’s murder to save Max from throwing his life away. But Max, being a guileless Yogi essence he is, couldn’t let her take a tumble for him. He incited himself in to a police. That puts a bit of a tangle in his and Taylor’s relationship.
  • Crash is behind in a picture. He’s straightened out, interjection to his time in a service, and entirely prepared to welcome his feelings for Carter. But Carter, uninformed out of her attribute with Jared, only needs a shoulder to gaunt on and a accessible ear. Crash creates a feign relationship, so he can stay tighten to Carter (even yet we can all see it is eating him adult inside).

Between this news and Netflix pulling the entire Doctor Who collection, we am severely bummed out. What’s next, John Barrowman’s Malcom Merlyn mysteriously resigning from being Raz Al Ghul?

Come on, TV shows, get your acts together!

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