Finding Carter’s Zac Pullam Talks Season 2B & Growing Up Grant (JJJ Interview)

October 8, 2015 - Finding Carter

JJJ is so pumped about a Finding Carter deteriorate premiere tonight!

In fact, we held adult with Zac Pullam, who stars as Grant Wilson, a younger hermit to Carter (Kathryn Prescott), to get a dip on what we can expect!

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“Grant will knowledge a lot of ‘adolescent firsts,’” Zac told us. “Well, I’ll only leave it there. He is starting to mount out on his own. Not so many a ‘forgotten’ child anymore.”

Zac added, “Grant and we are a lot alike. Very humorous and have some good one liners. We are both spiteful though in a fun way. And we both adore a family unequivocally much.”

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JJJ: What’s been your many noted stage so far?

ZP: we would contend a stage where Reagan and we were during a carnival. They indeed filmed us personification laser tab though some of that was cut. It was unequivocally fun removing to play laser tab while filming.

JJJ: What do we like to do on your gangling time?

ZP: we like to Penny board. And over a summer we wrote, directed, and acted in a brief skit with my best friends down in Florida. We had so many fun shooting. we also suffer any outside activities, like fishing with my Dad, unresolved out during a beach with my friends. But when I’m in Atlanta filming, we unequivocally like unresolved out with my cast. We go to dinner, museums, Six Flags. We are unequivocally tighten and it’s cold that we all hang out. We even get together and watch a uncover that we flattering certain we will be doing on OCTOBER 6th!!!

JJJ: We also listened that we are a outrageous Indiana Jones fan. Any skeleton for a Halloween costume?

ZP: Well, everybody would design that we would be Indiana Jones this year. BUT, we am going to do something different. we am releasing clues on Twitter to see if anyone can theory what I’m going to be. Since we will be finished sharpened on Oct 30th, we are headed behind to Florida.

JJJ: Where can fans find you?

ZP: My fans can find me on Twitter @zacpullam12 or Instagram zac_pullam. we also have a FB Actor page, Zac Pullam!

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