Finding Hope: How a Royals awaiting fought by obsession and returned to baseball

August 10, 2018 - Finding Carter

It is a tumble afternoon in 2016, and 21-year-old Carter Hope steers his Audi to a used-car dealership nearby Bixby, Okla. He is, in this moment, many things: A former veteran ball actor who represents squandered talent; a son who can not censor his shame and shame; a heroin addict fixated on his subsequent high.

It has been dual years given his life began to crumble, and only 12 months given a Kansas City Royals cleared their hands of him. His physique is frail, his skin a dark shade of white. He pulls a oppulance automobile into a parking lot and walks inside.

For Carter, a Audi represents a final heirloom of his prior life. He purchased it 3 years earlier, not prolonged after receiving a $560,900 signing reward from a Royals, a customary rate for a third-round pick. He would expostulate it for dual seasons as a minor-league pitcher and a year as a addict behind home in Bixby. Now, he tells a group during a dealership that he needs a opposite car. Something cheaper.

He settles…

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