Florida Georgia Line speak operative with Tim McGraw for ‘powerful’ new video

August 30, 2016 - Finding Carter

Florida Georgia Line, a genre-bending nation twin of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, have warranted an huge following with their hard-partying tunes like megasingle “Cruise” feat. Nelly, that launched a organisation into a arena-headlining stratosphere for their annual tours and only became a initial strain in a format to grasp solid status.

But for their third album, Dig Your Roots (out now), a dual looked elsewhere inspiration. They wrote 8 of a album’s 15 songs and, maybe startling to skeptics, especially concentration on such topics as wanting to start families (“Grow Old”), monogamy (“Lifer”), removing to know father before he goes (“While He’s Still Around”), and anticipating faith (“Dig Your Roots”) — and, okay, yes, a occasional party-starter (“Smooth”).

As they pierce on to a set’s second single, a Tim McGraw partnership “May We All,” Hubbard and Kelley held adult with EW to plead career evolution, teaming adult with a Backstreet Boys, and what they schooled from McGraw.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’re famous for songs like “Cruise,” though Dig Your Roots focuses heavily on family, religion, and legacy. Why a shift?
TYLER HUBBARD: With each record, we’ve attempted to uncover where we’re during that year. Our lives have altered flattering drastically over a record cycles. [So] it’s fun to see a evolution, to go behind to a aged annals and see a good times and afterwards listen to a new record and see a place we’re during now — and to have a fans come along with us.

H.O.L.Y, created by created by Busbee, Nate Cyphert, and William Wiik Larsen, was a lead singular for this album. How did we come by that track?
BRIAN KELLEY: When that strain came in, we didn’t unequivocally know what to do with it during a time, though a week into carrying it in a emails, Tyler called me and was like, “Are we and Britney listening to this ‘H.O.L.Y.’ strain as most as Hailey and I?” So we cut it.

Anything Goes didn’t have any features, though on Roots we worked with Ziggy Marley (“Life Is A Honeymoon”), Backstreet Boys (“God, Your Mama, and Me”), and Tim McGraw (“May We All”). What finished we find out so many collaborations?
KELLEY: We wanted to try out some opposite things. Nick [Carter, of The Backstreet Boys] only started hollering during me and Tyler. He was going behind and onward between Nashville and L.A. doing some essay and some strain searching, so we upheld him some songs and folks. And he finished adult on a train before a CMA set in June, and a strain was mastered, we had already finished all of a vocals, though he desired it. A week after they were putting their vocals on it! They were my initial unison in a sixth grade! House of Blues, Orlando, Florida!

“May We All” is we new single, and we only shot a code new video with McGraw. How was that?
KELLEY: Tim’s a legend. He’s been by a lot and continues to put out good song that’s fresh, he’s a good actor, and a good family man. The proceed he balances his life out and a proceed he treats people — he’s “humble and kind” — is something that we demeanour adult to him for. We didn’t get to record a lane together since of scheduling, though we got to fire a video today, and that was an additional special day. We took a opposite approach. There are no standing shots or playing, it’s only set in a tiny city during a mud lane with some competition cars. It’s going to be unequivocally powerful.

The code new video for “May We All” is destined by TK McKamy, who also destined a video for Florida Georgia Line’s “Confession.” See a “May We All” video below. Dig Your Roots is out now.

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