Four reasons we unequivocally shouldn’t skip Disrupt SF, kicking off one week from today

September 5, 2016 - Finding Carter

Disrupt SF starts a week from today. There’s still time to get on board, and here are a few reasons because we competence be unhappy if we don’t. You can still get a sheet here.

#1 Marc Andreessen, Marc Benioff, Diane Greene, Reid Hoffman, Sebastian Thrun.  If those names got your attention, so will these: the Warriors’ Steph Curry,  U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Seveneves author Neal Stephenson, HBO’s Silicon Valley creator Mike Judge, and Pokemon Go CEO John Hanke. We have robotics, with Melonee Wise (Fetch) and Marc Raibert (Boston Dynamics); we have health with Janica Alvarez (Naya Health), Deborah Anderson-Bialis (Fertility IQ) and Ida Tin (Clue); and we have so most most some-more over 3 full days of programming…Check out a full agenda here.

#2 Startup Battlefield. Last month, dual Battlefield winners, Vurb (Disrupt NY 2014) and Beam (Disrupt NY 2016), were acquired, a initial by Snapchat and a second by Microsoft. To date, 76 contestants in TechCrunch’s startup foe have been acquired or left public, and many some-more of a 610 Battlefield alums are on their approach to large exits. Check out a Battlefield leaderboard to see all a good companies that launched on a stage. At Disrupt, attendees get a ringside chair to watch a latest Battlefield collection representation to stellar judges to win a Disrupt Cup.

#3 Networking. There will be some-more than 5000 attendees during a show, roughly all entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, and media. Finding aged friends and finding new ones is a challenge, so 3 things: a new Disrupt mobile app, CrunchMatch, and lots of gatherings, including some really focused ones.

Disrupt attendees can download a Disrupt app from a Google Play or Apple iTunes stores starting this Wednesday. It’s pre-populated with attendee and exhibitor information, facilities in-app messaging for attendees, and creates it easy to watch sessions missed on demand.

CrunchMatch is a module for investors looking to set adult meetings with startups that compare their interests. Hundreds of companies and startups are participating.

Then there are a After Parties on Monday and Tuesday night, as good as special receptions focused on China, Artificial Intelligence startups, and AR/VR startups, and of march Steph Curry’s special Nothing But Nets fundraiser.

#4. Startups, startups, startups. In further to a Battlefield companies, some-more than 500 curated companies will vaunt on a building over 3 days, a new collection any day. Check out a choice during a Startup Alley hub. Thanks to CrunchMatch and a Disrupt app, it’s never been easier to find a right people and companies, yet vouchsafing serendipity do her thing on travel down Startup Alley is always a good thought too.

Everyone comes divided from Disrupt with good new ideas, insights and contacts.

Don’t skip out. Get your sheet today.





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