Freffy Forever: 7 Reasons ‘Skins’ UK Was The Best Show On Television

February 8, 2016 - Finding Carter

Everyone has his or her radio show.

With so many opposite genres and array going on, it’s easy to forget about a ones from a past.

Oftentimes, we consider a longing for certain storylines — such as queer, high propagandize and play — can be solved by backtracking to array that have ended.

Slightly identical to “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” a drama, “Skins” UK dealt with mixed identities and storylines. It was about a group of British teens.

While it did come to an finish a few years ago, it is really a array to remember.

Here are a reasons we consider people adore it:

1. Age

In many illusory shows, actors and actresses tend to be adults. They are usually personification high propagandize or college characters.

However,” Skins” UK is unique. The expel is right around a same age as a characters they portray.

For example, siblings Effy and Tony — played by Kaya Scodelario and Nicholas Hoult — were 14 and 17.

The uncover went from high propagandize to college, creation them execute their characters perfectly.

While other shows like “Glee” and “Finding Carter” (Kathryn Prescott was in “Skins” UK) do good with carrying an comparison cast, this fact positively done “Skins” UK unique.

2. Diversity

Another good thing about “Skins” UK is a expel is so diverse.

Along with a fact that they were not all a same nationality, a characters’ personalities were all different.

If you’ve seen it, we know Pandora was a geeky nerd, Effy was a irritable rebel, Mini was renouned and Franky was artsy.

As for a guys? James Cook was a druggy rebel, Chris was a celebration animal, Rich desired complicated steel and JJ desired anything to do with math and science.

Of course, these are usually a few of a characters on a show.

3. Season Setup

“Skins” UK has 7 seasons with 3 generations, and a seventh deteriorate looks behind to all a before ones.

The cold thing was any dual seasons consisted of a singular generation, so we could watch those with no before believe of a show.

Another reason a setup is good is since any part focuses on a new character. So while it is an ongoing story about a garland of friends, there’s always a slight concentration on one impression and his or her life within a group.

Each impression seems to have his or her possess story within a show, that is interesting.

4. Accents

Since “Skins” UK’s characters come from Bristol in South West, England, all a characters have British accents.

Enough said.


“Skins” UK is one of a not many radio shows out there that have LGBTQ+ characters.

The best LGBTQ+ storyline is in a second generation, with a lesbian couple, Naomi and Emily.

Maxxie in a initial era is also gay.

Franky and Mini in a third era have a tiny hurl that doesn’t go anywhere.

Franky is kind of an androgynous impression in appearance. He came out as “I like people,” that we consider some viewers suspicion hinted during pansexuality.

However, other than with Mini, she usually had relations with men.

6. Fashion

This is coming from a former conform tyro who looks for conform everywhere: “Skins” UK was really on indicate with wardrobe.

This was generally a box with Effy, in my opinion.

7. Relatability

All immature viewers can substantially describe to “Skins” UK in during slightest one way.

First of all, they go to school, though they also celebration with celebration and drugs.

The characters understanding with their relatives and other play like adore triangles.

Issues include personal things like eating disorders, deaths and even suicide. There is never a lifeless moment.

If we haven’t watched “Skins” UK, really check it out.

The episodes are all on YouTube for free.


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