Grizzlies find no answers usually some-more questions in Game 1 blowout

April 18, 2016 - Finding Carter

12:57 AM ET

SAN ANTONIO — So many of a concentration on a Memphis Grizzlies entering a playoffs centered on who they don’t have. But if there were slow questions about how a Grizzlies would transport yet Marc Gasol or Mike Conley, Sunday’s 106-74 blowout in San Antonio positively did not yield any answers.

Though a Grizzlies hung tighten for many of a initial half, a sputtering San Antonio offense had a lot to do with that. Memphis enjoyed a good widen from a second section during a initial half — during one indicate a Grizzles hold a 20-9 corner in dais points over a vaunted Spurs pot and trailed usually 39-37 late in a half.

Alas, from there a Spurs outscored Memphis 42-14, heading adult to an extended hitch of rubbish time in a fourth quarter. Any rays of fever a Grizzlies competence have speckled were obliterated in a fume of a smothering Spurs’ defense. What, if any, positives can a group find in that?

“None,” Matt Barnes said. “That it’s over.”

You can’t censure any of this on Vince Carter, a 39-year-old time-honoured consternation who in flashes seemed staid for a turn-back-the-clock opening that could keep Memphis in a game. On a singular night when Carter wasn’t a oldest actor on a building (that would be Tim Duncan), Carter scored 16 points on 6-of-7 shooting. His shots were timely as well, mostly finale Spurs runs that gradually became longer and some-more frequent.

“They strike first,” Carter pronounced of a active Spurs’ defense. “You have to value a basketball. If you’re not conflict shots and creation turnovers, a lead can go from five-point diversion to a 20-point diversion in a blink of an eye. we consider that’s what happened and it rattled us a small bit.”

Carter stopped a 14-0 San Antonio run early in a third entertain that began when Memphis was within dual late in a initial half. A good spin from Memphis youth-laden second unit, along with Carter’s sharpened threatened to make Game 1 competitive. But when a starters were on a floor, it was mostly grub for Memphis when it came to anticipating unchanging descent threats.

“Their whole group usually started conflict shots,” Zach Randolph said. “And we usually pennyless down.”

Barnes and Randolph, a maestro forwards and stream descent focal points for Memphis, total for usually 8 points on 4-of-20 shooting. Randolph stayed assertive via yet kept regulating into a twin building wall of LaMarcus Aldridge and Duncan during a back of a San Antonio defense.

Randolph’s disappointment reached a rise in a third entertain when he popped lax during a edge on a quick break, usually to have Aldridge get a square of it from behind. After that play, a Spurs finished a entertain with a 15-2 detonate that incited a comfy 17-point pillow into a kind of blowout many approaching when a array began. Finishing buliding was an emanate for Memphis, yet it’s misleading either it was a sign or a illness in a possess right.

“We’ve got to tighten buliding better,” Memphis manager Dave Joerger said. “And we’ve got some immature guys that are going to be better.”

There competence be no good answers for a Grizzlies. Memphis’ inability to solve a Spurs’ league-best invulnerability bled over to a Grizzlies’ possess defense. Which in Memphis is like observant that a substructure in Graceland is crumbling. But calm and round insurance seem like remedy prescriptions during best for an offense that needs help, a kind that Conley and Gasol can’t supply from a sidelines.

“We have to strike first,” Carter said. “For us, it’s strike initial any quarter. Be aggressive. If not, it can be a tough diversion for us.”

That’s a start, yet there are some other areas in that a Grizzlies need to transport better. These were a effort-based categories in that Memphis was dominated, substantially not from a miss of will or want-to, yet from a haze emanating from a deficits in talent and knowledge a Grizzlies face in this series.

To wit: The Spurs hold estimable edges in categories a Grizzlies have to win to make this a rival series.

  • Points off turnovers: San Antonio 22, Memphis 15

  • Second-chance points: San Antonio 16, Memphis 9

  • Fast-break points: San Antonio 15, Memphis 7

On a final front, several of a Spurs’ transition points came directly off live-ball turnovers, as, led by cosmetic male Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio racked adult 13 steals. Many of those points came in a form of uncontested fast-break dunks that eager fans adore to applaud in a rocking arena. Not a good regulation to hit off a group that mislaid usually one home diversion all season.

“Our turnovers were a problem. We had some idle passes,” Joerger said. “We can’t means that. Seventeen [turnovers] is too high for us. Stuff we can purify up.”

So what can Memphis do? Well, a Grizzlies did lead a joining in forcing turnovers and regulating that trait to assistance feed a towering offense seems like a good solution. Just rev adult a pressure.

“Next game, we’ll come out and make certain we set a tinge physically and defensively,” Barnes said.

Only it’s not scarcely so simple, as Carter explained, not when you’re personification San Antonio.

“We have to sojourn disciplined,” Carter said. “They use a time and sojourn studious really well. They locate we sleeping. One mistake gets we regulating all over a court.

“Regardless of how good your group can be defensively, we have to sojourn trained for 24 seconds, any and any time down a court, generally in a playoffs.”

And those were a best answers a Grizzlies had Sunday, those that explained because a Spurs are so dominant, not those that illustrated how we conflict a San Antonio machine. The finish outcome was a misfortune detriment in Memphis playoff history. But either it’s one point, or 30 points, it was usually one game, and a Grizzlies will get another possibility flip a book in Tuesday’s Game 2.

“We’re going to forget it,” Randolph said. “Put this one in a backwash and get prepared for Tuesday.”

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