Hagel Exit Shows Obama Has Taken Power Away From Pentagon

November 25, 2014 - Finding Carter

President Barack Obama pushed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel out of his pursuit yesterday after reduction than 21 months, with White House officials citing disagreements over Iraq and Syria policy.

Hagel, who had grown increasingly undone with parsimonious White House government of policy, was prepared to go anyway, a U.S. invulnerability central said. He quiescent yet a fight.

The Vietnam veteran’s depart spotlights how one of Washington’s many absolute jobs — overseeing a world’s strongest troops and a bill of some-more than $600 billion — has faded in a Obama era. Under Obama, a despotic White House control mostly has left Hagel and other Cabinet members with singular management and autonomy.

“The White House has unequivocally wanted to minimize a change of a Pentagon on policy,” pronounced Rosa Brooks, who was advisor to then-Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy during Obama’s initial term.

Like his evident predecessors during a Pentagon, Robert Gates and Leon Panetta, Hagel chafed during a proceed a tiny cadre of Obama loyalists centralized energy in a White House. When Obama corroborated off a hazard to explosve Syria final year, he finished a preference on a travel with his arch of staff, Denis McDonough. Hagel was supportive of a preference later.

Tension between Hagel and White House aides got so bad, a invulnerability central said, that Hagel would mostly phone Obama after a meetings to make certain his voice was heard.

Hagel ‘Frustrated’

Now, a plea for a White House is anticipating a inheritor who’s peaceful to take a comparatively diseased bench and calm to equivocate dissent. That claimant will also have a assign of changing a Pentagon even as career bureaucrats know there’s tiny time left underneath Obama to do so.

“Chuck was undone with aspects of a administration’s inhabitant confidence routine and decision-making process,” Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican, pronounced in a matter yesterday. “His predecessors have oral about a extreme micro-management they faced from a White House and how that finished it some-more formidable to do their jobs successfully. Chuck’s conditions was no different.”

The White House’s National Security Council staff, designed to coordinate routine among a several sovereign agencies, has grown almost underneath Obama — to roughly 270 people from about 200 underneath President George W. Bush, according to Reuters.

Its distance and earthy vicinity to a White House, only opposite a tiny entrance road, have given it larger change than Cabinet agencies in a development, and infrequently a implementation, of policy, according to a former invulnerability central who requested anonymity to plead a supportive matter.

Syria Letter

During his army heading a Defense Department, Hagel bristled during his diagnosis by Obama’s aides, who mostly shot down his ideas in meetings, according to a invulnerability official.

One of his concerns centered on U.S. routine in Iraq and Syria, where tying a use of American troops force in Syria to Islamic State and other nonconformist groups threatens to strengthen tyrant Bashar al-Assad and daunt allies such as Saudi Arabia from participating in a coalition.

In October, Hagel wrote a minute to Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice, with whom he mostly clashed, seeking clarity on U.S. routine toward Assad.

“Secretary Hagel’s new memo about how a plan is unwell and contingency be practiced was acquire news to those of us who have harbored these thoughts for some time,” Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican pronounced in a statement. “It’s transparent to me Secretary Hagel realizes a failures in Syria have also severely contributed to destabilization in Iraq and a some-more strong response is required.”

Budget Friction

While it reliable a fears of some lawmakers, a minute murderous Obama’s White House aides, a invulnerability central said. Its existence was initial reported by a New York Times final month in an essay about White House officials formulation to shake adult a Cabinet.

The invulnerability bill was another source of attrition between Hagel and a White House, quite a constraints imposed by involuntary cuts famous as sequestration, and last-minute administration superintendence to a Defense Department to ask Congress for some-more income than a bill caps allowed.

Hagel noticed sequestration, officials tighten to a invulnerability secretary said, as a domestic and routine fumble formed on a bad reading of a expected Republican response and an even worse comment of flourishing threats around a world. They enclosed Islamic extremism, a fall of peremptory Arab regimes, a newly noisy China and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s territorial ambitions on a list of threats.

Favorable Narrative

All of those dangers, a officials said, were highlighted in U.S. and associated comprehension analyses yet officials around Obama chose to prominence a some-more auspicious narrative. In a White House’s telling, belligerent Islam was in shelter after a genocide of Osama bin Laden and a wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were circuitous down and withdrawal self-sufficient regimes in place. Therefore, a U.S. could means to cut a invulnerability budget.

Hagel pushed back, arguing that a due bill was deficient in light of a flourishing threats. The White House eventually acceded, one of a officials said, yet a outcome is a some-more difficult 2015 bill request.

While a bill conflict wasn’t a categorical means of tragedy between a White House and a Pentagon, it didn’t help.

“It’s like financial troubles in a matrimony that’s on a rocks,” pronounced Eliot A. Cohen, who served as an central during a Defense and State departments underneath Republican presidents. “It creates all worse.”

Potential Successors

Hagel’s probable successors embody Flournoy and Ashton Carter, a former emissary invulnerability secretary. Senator Jack Reed, a Rhode Island Democrat and West Point graduate, took himself out of row yesterday.

None of Obama’s invulnerability secretaries has had a poke wielded by Robert McNamara, who served in a pursuit for 7 years and helped lead a U.S. into a Vietnam War, and Donald Rumsfeld, who crafted a American troops response after a Sept. 11, 2001, militant attacks.

Washington insiders contend that a pursuit has mislaid value since a discontinued station during a White House also leaves a invulnerability secretary with reduction poke inside a Pentagon. That’s generally loyal in a final dual years of a administration, when career officials know they can wait out a politically allocated municipal in charge.

“They’re not going to do anything now,” pronounced former Representative Ellen Tauscher, who headed a subcommittee of a House Armed Services Committee and after served as an undersecretary of State in a Obama administration.

‘Death Spiral’

“You get into this kind of genocide spiral. The some-more that they know we don’t have a extract to get things finished inside a Sit Room, a reduction they’re going to be peaceful to work with we to get finished a things that we need to get done,” pronounced Tauscher, regulating shorthand to report a White House Situation Room.

Brooks pronounced Flournoy’s doubtful to take a pursuit unless it’s since Hagel’s depart signals a elemental change in a proceed that Obama treats a invulnerability secretary.

“The confident perspective is that a boss has taken critique to heart, looked in a counterpart and motionless to rethink his approach,” she said. “If they asked her and she took it, it would unequivocally be a pointer that that they are perplexing to make changes.”

Gates, who was Obama’s initial invulnerability secretary after portion in a same ability underneath Bush, pronounced recently that he saw politics in a White House’s bid to keep a Pentagon on a brief leash.

“It was that micromanagement that gathering me crazy,” Gates pronounced during a Ronald Reagan Presidential Library invulnerability forum progressing this month.

Gates pronounced he suggested margin commanders that if “you get a call from a White House, we tell them to go to ruin and call me,” Gates said. “I consider when a boss wants rarely centralized control” during “the grade of micromanagement that I’m describing, that’s not bureaucratic. That’s political.”

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