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November 3, 2014 - Finding Carter

Good morning, it’s Monday, Nov 3, 2014, and we don’t need to tell unchanging readers of this missive that tomorrow is a Big Day.

Will Republicans constraint a U.S. Senate by holding states now reason by Democrats in Alaska, Montana, Arkansas, Colorado, South Dakota, Iowa, Louisiana, West Virginia, North Carolina, and New Hampshire?

Or will Democrats reason their infancy by unresolved on in 3 or 4 of those states while executing a counterinsurgent devise that takes behind Republican-held seats in Kentucky and Georgia?

Is there a possibility that independent-minded senators such as Angus King and Joe Manchin will be assimilated by Kansas eccentric Greg Orman and hard-to-classify South Dakota claimant Larry Pressler, so giving a handful of moderates de facto control of a top chamber? True, such an outcome seems many reduction expected that it did a integrate of weeks ago, as Republican Mike Rounds has emerged from a container in South Dakota — though that’s since they reason a elections.

What about a House of Representatives? Will Republicans supplement to their domain there, or could Democrats presumably lift off an definitely under-the-radar upset, as they did in 1948? Okay, that’s unlikely, though could Democrats deliver Election Day 2014 by winning a infancy of a 14 gubernatorial races rated tossups in a RCP polling average? Half of those tossup governor’s mansions are now assigned by Democrats, a other half by Republicans.

As CBS anchorman Dan Rather pronounced a night of a 2002 midterms, “It could be game, set, and match, Republicans.”

In a moment, I’ll share a few of my favorite election-related quotes on this day in history. First I’ll indicate we to RealClearPolitics’ front page, that has explanation about this year’s midterms that spans a domestic spectrum, along with a latest polls and campaign-related videos. We also offer strange calm from RCP’s reporters and contributors, including a following:

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House Races to Watch on Tuesday. Adam O’Neal gathered this preview.

How a Midterms Will Set a Table for 2016. Scott Conroy explores what’s during seductiveness for a accumulation of players, from Scott Walker to Hillary Clinton.

What Tuesday’s Outcome Will Mean for Obama. Alexis Simendinger looks at how a formula could impact a president’s final dual years, and his legacy. 

What Will 2014 Say About 2016? 1978 Offers Hints. Sean Trende assesses what might be in store by charity a story lesson.

Democrats Lead in Early Vote Tally in N.C. David Byler has a numbers

Can Martha Coakley Change a Tide in Massachusetts? Bill Scher dissects a blue state’s extraordinary bent to elect Republicans governors.

Democrats’ Cold Shoulder Season. In a column, we simulate on a ungainly kabuki dance being achieved by possibilities who’ve voted with a boss though are dynamic to keep him during arm’s length.

Teacher Unions Lost a Media; Will They Lose Everyone Else Too? Andy Rotherham and Richard Whitmire explore this doubt in RealClearEducation.

Why a Foreign Language Gap Must Be Bridged. Peter Berkowitz writes that augmenting a series of Americans who pronounce another denunciation is in a inhabitant interest.

 * * *

The tradition of holding elections on a initial Tuesday in Nov means that this date in history, Nov 3, has been declare to some remarkable elections — and remarkable election-related quotes. Here are a handful.

Nov. 3, 1948: “We’d improved go behind to Kansas City, it looks as if I’m elected.” — President Harry Truman in a pre-dawn hours to members of his Secret Service detail, who stayed adult all night listening to a earnings on a radio after a boss had eaten a sandwich, chased by a potion of buttermilk, taken a bath, and left to bed early on Election Night in a review of Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

Nov. 3, 1976: “I wish to honour a toughest and many challenging competition that anyone could ever have, President Gerald Ford. As I’ve pronounced many times, via this nation, he’s a good and decent male … and we titillate that we can live adult to your certainty and never defect you.” — Jimmy Carter, in Atlanta, after being admitted a winner.

Nov. 3, 1992: “I devise to get really active in a grandchild business and in anticipating ways to assistance others. But we titillate you, a immature people of this country, to attend in a domestic process. It needs your idealism. It needs your drive. It needs your conviction.” — President George H.W. Bush, after losing a presidency to Bill Clinton.

Nov. 3, 2010: “After what I’m certain was a prolonged night for a lot of we — and unnecessary to contend it was for me — we can tell we that some choosing nights are some-more fun than others. Some are exhilarating; some are humbling.” — President Barack Obama, during a press discussion following a midterms 4 years ago that gave Republicans control of a House.

My favorite comes from 1966. It was oral a night of Nov. 8, not Nov. 3, since that’s when a California elections were held. The line was after appropriated by mythological Arizona Democrat Morris K. Udall. But a male who creatively gave a pithiest benefaction debate ever was a good domestic prankster Dick Tuck, after losing a California state Senate race.

“The people have spoken,” Tuck said, “the bastards!”

I’ll finish with dual remarkable Dan Ratherisms, a initial from Election Night 2000, a other 4 years after.

“This choosing swings like one of those pendulum things,” Rather pronounced a night of a George W. Bush-Al Gore standoff.

On Election Night 2004, he remarkable cheerfully. “This competition is humming along like Ray Charles.”

Carl M. Cannon
Washington Bureau Chief
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