How Do Descendants of Slaves Find Their Ancestors?

September 2, 2016 - Finding Carter

Both Berry and Burroughs pronounced that another common assumption—that black families lift a names of former slaveholders—can trick researchers. “It’s disconcerting, since you’re used to meaningful your ancestor’s surname, meditative he took it from his owner, meditative that a owners had a same name,” Burroughs said. “My investigate has shown that if we do that, 85 percent of a time you’re looking during a wrong guy.” Berry forked to her possess final name: “It doesn’t meant that my ancestors were owned by a Berry family. It could have been that my forerunner chose a name since their relative, maybe a parent, was sole off to somebody with that final name,” she told me. “Or they could have picked it out of a blue. There’s unequivocally no rhyme or reason.” This is a problem, since in relocating back in time to a duration before Reconstruction, a researcher will need to know a name of a final slaveholder who hold an forerunner in bondage. Berry told me that researchers call a problem of joining a liberated ancestor, who shows adult in a annals during Reconstruction, to his or her final slaveholder “the 1870 section wall.”

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