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March 11, 2015 - Finding Carter

(CNN) — Friends called him Tony. Family members knew him by his center name, Terrell. Now, Tony Terrell Robinson Jr.’s name is created on signs carried by demonstrators who contend they’re perfectionist probity after an officer-involved shooting ended Robinson’s life.

Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson

As state investigators start their exploration into a shooting, sum are rising about a 19-year-old bi-racial man.

Turin Carter described his nephew as a chairman who had struggled to fit in.

“A lot of his temperament was shaped since of his secular ambiguity. Terrell felt (like) a misfit many of his life,” Carter said.

At one point, Carter said, his nephew’s enterprise to fit in led him astray.

“Terrell usually wanted to be loved, honestly, and as a result, done some bad decisions, and we consider that’s something we can all describe to,” he said.

Last year, Robinson found himself in jail after hidden an Xbox and TV during a home invasion.

An confidant with a Robinson family profession told CNN Robinson fell on tough times after his father mislaid his pursuit and afterwards his apartment, forcing Robinson to live with friends.

Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny

Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny

He pleaded guilty in Dec to armed spoliation and was condemned to probation.

That same month, he wrote a post on Facebook slamming police: “The usually thing cops are lerned for is to fire initial and ask questions later.”

Court papers from a box embody letters a family wrote, seeking a justice to uncover forgiveness and vowing that Robinson would never repeat his mistake.

“Tony has done a grave decision, one that might cost him his freedom, though before a preference is done we wish we to know him as his family does. A amatory son, a obliged comparison hermit and a kindhearted, impossibly intelligent immature male with hopes and dreams to turn successful and to pierce brazen in life,” wrote Lorien Carter, his aunt. “Growing adult impoverished, and but his father, Tony managed to surpass in propagandize and sports. Graduating high propagandize a division early, he was on a good track.”

His grandmother, Sharon Irwin, described him as “a good child in between being a teen and a man.”

“What he did was wrong. Following behind a child he usually met. He didn’t wish to go — nonetheless did it anyway,” she wrote. “That is one of his issues. Impulsive. The other is being a follower.”

Carter pronounced his nephew’s run-in with a law final year had zero to do with a officer-involved shooting that occurred on Friday, Mar 6th. Robinson paid his debt to multitude and was perplexing to find his approach and improved his life, according to his uncle.

“They try to associate his past with this act — to paint a design about a form of child he was,” he said. “He was a good, kindhearted child who was really happy and usually wanted to be supposed and wanted to be loved.”

‘I hatred my mind’

A GoFundMe page collecting donations for Robinson’s family says he was anticipating to go to college and examine business.

Recent amicable media posts from Robinson point to a discouraging time in his life.

In one post, he wrote, “I hatred my mind.” Another said, “I don’t need assistance im not crazy.”

A post from Jan says, “My essence is dying.”

According to a Wisconsin State Journal, citing justice documents, Robinson dealt with stress issues, basin and ADHD.

Robinson’s mother, Andrea Irwin, stressed that her son was never violent.

“My son has never been a aroused person, never,” she told CNN associate WKOW. “To die in such a aroused approach baffles me.”

During a fight before Friday night’s shooting, Officer Matt Kenny suffered a blow to a head, Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said. This, after Koval says Robinson pounded Kenny. Kenny has been placed on paid executive leave while authorities examine a shooting.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin pronounced officials aren’t going to put Robinson on trial.

“That’s not what this is about. What this is about is anticipating out accurately what happened that night and to determine, then, responsibility,” he told CNN’s “AC360.” “We know that he was not armed, and as distant as a military arch and we are endangered … a fact that Tony was concerned in any kind of misdemeanour in a past has zero to do with this benefaction tragedy.”

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