Inside a World of Black Hair: Difficulties with Finding a Stylist

March 4, 2018 - Finding Carter


In a array this week we’re holding we inside a universe of black hair to learn some-more about a stress of character in a black community.

NBC29’s Madison Carter shows us what creates anticipating a place to get your hair finished opposite for African-American group and women.

Ethnic hair is unequivocally different: it sets stylists detached in a attention from what they know, to what they charge, and who some are even means to serve.

“Salons are opposite and white salons are unequivocally different. They have always kind of got a money,” pronounced William Jones with His Image Barbershop.

Many cosmetologists agree: doing black hair can be tedious.

“Textured hair, it can be unequivocally thick, it can be unpleasant if we are not scrupulously relocating a brush by it,” pronounced Yolonda Jones. She is married to William, and together their business in Albemarle County services black group and women.

“In cosmetology propagandize a literature, a books, a teaching, a knowledge tends to be formed on true hair,” Yolanda said.

The Joneses contend that’s a reason black stylists can use any hair, while non-ethnic businesses infrequently can spin people away.

“People only have never seen it, never had to manipulate it, never have to hold it, or work with that as a medium. So it feels strange. So they only contend we can’t,” she said.

William says aloft prices means reduction business in a barbershop: “They would start entrance less. They’ll start doing each dual weeks, each 3 weeks, all that form of stuff. So during a finish of a day we make a same income we only work a small less,” he said.

But, in a salon, “I thinks it’s always been expensive, yeah,” pronounced Yolanda

Black women will compensate for talent, while a haircut from William could cost about $25. Yolonda’s cost menu starts there, and it can tip $200 depending on a character a customer is looking for.

“I don’t ever get pull back. No. With people who are entrance into see me? With people who are inquiring? They’ll say, ‘well we can go to so-and-so and get so-and-so.’ And afterwards I’ll only say, ‘well go to so-and-so afterwards and get so-and-so,’” she said.

Paying for hair is a easy part. Deciding on how to character hair is where it gets tough. Tomorrow Madison Carter uncover we a story of because many black women began straightening healthy hair, and because so many have motionless to stop.

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