Is ‘Finding Carter’s Carter Still Awful? Let’s Weigh a Pros & Cons

March 25, 2017 - Finding Carter

I likely months ago that MTV’s luscious summer drama Finding Carter would turn my new radio obsession, and it turns out, we was right — I’m bending on a abduction drama. Unfortunately, there’s one thing that we still can’t get behind when it comes to Finding Carter, and that’s a suggested impression herself. Actress Kathryn Prescott (the much-beloved Emily Fitch from Skins!) is awesome, yet Carter herself? She’s a comprehensive worst. 

I’ve speculated before on how Carter’s bad attitude, nonessential rebellions, and altogether whiny teen BS competence compensate off. Carter clearly hasn’t processed her abduction and has refused to see her biological parent’s side of a story, instead insisting that Elizabeth, her mother, has taken her divided from a usually “good” primogenitor she ever knew. Carter’s hostility to bond with her mom has done Carter come off as cold and unconcerned (a tough thing to do given that Carter’s bio-mom is frequency comfortable and fuzzy). It’s no consternation that fans are carrying difficulty determining either Carter is a impression they should sympathize with — after all, if she can hardly pattern adult an unit of magnetism for a relatives who thought she was passed for 13 years, because should we caring that she was taken divided from her “super great” kidnapper?

The initial dual episodes of Finding Carter (the second part was aired immediately after a pilot) really didn’t make fans of a uncover cry “Team Carter,” yet final week’s part “Drive” did show that Carter was totally unqualified of change. Well, arrange of — for each step forward, Carter seems to take during slightest another step back. 

Check out all of a things Carter did in final week’s part to establish if a pros transcend a cons. 

This Week’s Carter Index

So, is Carter still the worst? She’s positively no bucket of fever and rainbows, yet final part did finish on a certain note, even if it started with Carter being some-more repulsive than ever. (Come on, creation out with a drug play in front of your parents? Who are you, Marissa Cooper?) 

Even yet I’m not a outrageous fan of Carter herself, Finding Carter continues to amour me. Here’s anticipating that Carter has a few some-more pros in destiny episodes.  We found Carter, so now let’s have her find a heart. 

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