Jackson Rathbone Dishes On His Brand-New ‘Finding Carter’ Character

September 28, 2015 - Finding Carter

Put out a acquire mat: A mint expel member is fasten “Finding Carter,” and his name is Jackson Rathbone.

Sound familiar? It should.

“You competence remember me from a ’Twilight’ array where we played Jasper — a unequivocally scary, uncanny blond one,” a actor says in a shave below.

Don’t be modest, Jackson — of course we remember you.

For his spin in a “FC” spotlight, a large 30-year-old will play Jared, a bar owners who hires Carter as a waitress. And according to Jackson, a impression is distinct anyone else we’ve seen on a strike series.

“[He’s] a small bit some-more of a imperishable dude that hasn’t unequivocally been introduced to a uncover yet,” says a former rocker and budding photographer (seriously, check out his Instagram).

And while Jackson doesn’t speak about his character’s adore life in a clip, a little bird did tell us that Jared competence only start a regretful attribute with nothing other than Carter.

Four difference for you: Crash is gonna FREAK.

Watch a clip, below, to see what else Jackson has to say, afterwards conduct to a comments and tell us only how vehement we are about “Finding Carter”’s newest addition. And be certain to locate a uncover when it earnings on Tuesday, Oct 6 during 10/9c!

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