Kalamazoo city choosing 2017: Commission claimant Leona Carter

October 16, 2017 - Finding Carter

KALAMAZOO, MI — Leona Carter is seeking a chair on a Kalamazoo City Commission in November.

On Nov. 7, Kalamazoo residents will elect 3 commissioners to offer four-year terms and a mayor to offer a two-year term. Carter is one of 5 possibilities opposed for a chair as a city commissioner.

Carter, 41, unsuccessfully ran for a chair on a City Commission in 2015. The travel tutor and overdo dilettante has lived in Kalamazoo given 2006 after relocating from Seattle, Wash. to take advantage of The Kalamazoo Promise.

Below are Carter’s responses to a MLive/Kalamazoo Gazette petition sent to possibilities on a list for Kalamazoo City Commission.

Name as it will seem on a ballot: Leona R. Carter.

Age: 41.

Family: My father Omarr and we have 6 children.

Education: Nursing and Certified Life Coach.

Military service: None. Husband served in United States Marine Corps.

Current employment: Carter Strategies LLC.

Previous employment: Disability Network Southwest Michigan.

List companies we possess or reason some-more than a 5 percent stake: Carter Startegies LLC.

Have we ever hold open office: No.

Have we ever run for open bureau and lost: Yes. 2015 Kalamazoo City Commission.

Have we ever been arrested: No.

Have we ever been convicted of or pleaded no competition to a crime: No.

Have we ever announced bankruptcy: Yes. More than 15 years ago.

Has a association we owned a interest of 5 percent or some-more ever announced bankruptcy: No.

Have we ever unsuccessful to compensate taxes on time: No.

The Kalamazoo Gazette/MLive asked Carter several questions about her preparation and platform. Responses were kept to 150 difference or fewer for readability, and answers were somewhat edited for clarity and spelling, if necessary. 

Why should electorate elect you?

As a largest Kalamazoo Promise family, we am committed to portion my community.

Voters should elect me since we am a champion for issues such as citizen engagement, bargain farrago and treating any other with grace and respect, and village vitality, that continue to be ongoing concerns that need village voices and an disciple during a table.

As a village disciple and former house member of several committees including, Vine Neighborhood Association, Kalamazoo Literacy Council, and Community Action Tripartite Advisory Board, we will be a voice in a village represented during a table. Communities not during a list are customarily on a menu.

If elected, what would be your tip priorities during your term? Are these a many dire issues confronting Kalamazoo?

One priority is a handling bill deficit. As a City Commissioner, my purpose will be to disciple for a devise of movement to urge mercantile health and problem solve unsentimental ways to say core metropolitan services.

I am assured that a city’s priority-based budgeting will continue to emanate a common prophesy towards a idea of mercantile potency as we work towards a 5 priorities recently adopted.

Another priority is anticipating other ways municipalities can combine services to cut handling costs. we would adore to see some-more partnership within schools and village services opposite municipalities.

The latter is not a many dire emanate though might need to be evaluated as a brainstorming event as partial of surveying ways of improving mercantile health.

The prior City Commission combined a Kalamazoo Foundation for Excellence in partial to boost opportunities for girl and boost common wealth in a city. What is a foundation’s role, and what is a best approach to accomplish goals associated to shortening generational poverty?

The foundation’s purpose is to support families in a village with unsentimental ways to obtain believe and resources to kindle mercantile expansion and growth one family during a time. As a result, a community’s mercantile health will improve.

Educating relatives is pivotal to violation a cycle of generational poverty. Many relatives did not have a preparation to boost their family’s income, therefore, they operated in habits schooled from a prior generation.

Through education, once relatives “know better, they do better.” Parents can learn and concurrently learn their children of a subsequent generation.

How would we safeguard that a Foundation for Excellence is managed responsibly and supports programs that grasp discernible goals

I would safeguard this by clarity and collaboration, accountability, follow-up, follow through, and yield information and outcomes that can clear a work that has been done. Let’s not just speak about it, though let’s be about it.

source ⦿ http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2017/10/2017_kalamazoo_city_commission_3.html

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