Kathryn Prescott, Anna Jacoby-Heron get ‘revved up’ for Season 2 of ‘Finding …

January 24, 2015 - Finding Carter

MTV’s strike array Finding Carter kicks off a second deteriorate on Mar 31, though a expel is already unresolved out together.

Kathryn Prescott, who plays Carter Stevens, and her on-set twin, Anna Jacoby-Heron, a.k.a. Taylor Stevens, recently met adult during a competition lane for a expel get-together. Scott Speer, executive of a play series, tweeted a print of a dual actresses embellished out in NASCAR desirous gear, that both Prescott and Jacoby-Heron retweeted.

The storyline of a high propagandize lady formerly abducted as a child and reuniting with her biological family continues in only over dual months. MTV executives systematic 12 some-more episodes filled with play and torment in October, MTV News reported during a time.

With a final part of deteriorate one finale with Taylor Stevens brokenhearted from her dissection with Max, and her sister Carter abducted again by her strange kidnapper, who knows what will occur in a events to come.

Get revved adult for some-more twists and turns with a premiere of deteriorate dual in March.

Image around Twitter from Scott Speer

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