Kathryn Prescott Previews Tonight’s Premiere of ‘Finding Carter’ (JJJ Interview!)

July 14, 2014 - Finding Carter

Check out this code new talk with Finding Carter star Kathryn Prescott!

The 23-year-old English singer stars in a new radical family play that centers on Carter, a teenage lady who thinks she has a ideal life until one night after a military bust during a high propagandize celebration she is told that a lady who she believes to be her biological mom indeed abducted her as a toddler.

Now Carter contingency lapse to a family who suspicion they had mislaid her. As she navigates mint parents, a twin sister, high propagandize and boys, Carter vows to find Lori before a military constraint a usually mom she’s ever famous and put her behind bars.

Finding Carter premieres TONIGHT @ 10PM on MTV! In box we missed it, watch a trailer now!

JustJaredJr.com: First of all, we review that it took them a while to find you! They wanted to get a purpose of Carter usually right. What was your try-out routine like?

Kathryn Prescott: we was in England and we got this audition, and put myself on tape. we had 3 auditions and found out after that they had auditioned a crazy volume of girls. we didn’t know that.

JJJ: Tell us about your American accent and training for that. It’s so good!

KP: we went behind and onward to L.A. for dual or 3 years, usually entrance behind for dual or 3 months [at a time] and auditioning. So all of a auditions for 3 years, and even when we was in England videotaping them, were in an American accent. So we had been operative on and off with a manager in England. But some-more than anything, we usually do it all a time. It’s flesh memory. Just remembering a figure your mouth creates when we do an American accent. The some-more we do it, a easier it gets. So when we are shooting, we usually do a accent all a time unless I’m not on set. But even then, I’ll go out infrequently and buy coffee and I’ll use an American accent.

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Kathryn Prescott

JJJ: So a uncover is about a lady who was abducted when she was younger. Things like this, sadly, occur all a time. Did we do any investigate before to shooting?

KP: we indeed didn’t since my arrange of meditative was that, Carter wasn’t brought adult with abduction being on her mind. You know what we mean? Her biological relatives and sister, they were. It was something that finished surrounded their whole lives. So we theory if we was personification a relatives or a sister, maybe we would have finished it. But during a same time, if we have a sister or we have kids like Cynthia [Watros] and Alexis [Denisof] do, who play my parents, they were revelation me that it’s so awful to even imagine. It’s a many awful thing. But with Carter, she usually grew adult vital a normal life. Abduction was never on her radar. So we felt like we wanted to come during it from that perspective. She wasn’t an consultant on abduction or anything. She was usually a normal lady who unexpected finds out she was, and afterwards kind of rejects a thought for [several] episodes. we demeanour during it like that.

JJJ: That creates sense! So when she finds out, what is her priority – to get a full law or to get behind to her aged life immediately?

KP: we consider she totally rejects it during first. It’s substantially so frightful to be told that all we ever did, yet all we ever knew, and all a family we ever had, is not real. And she’s not who she says she was. we consider your mind substantially goes true into denial. It’s like when people go by a unequivocally bad breakup, they are in rejection for a unequivocally prolonged time since that’s a approach their mind processes it. It’s so unpleasant and outrageous that it’s roughly like their mind is safeguarding them from carrying to bargain with a sadness, and a mishap of that not indeed being real. So for a prolonged time Carter’s doing that. But obviously, there’s usually so much…even in a initial episode, she’s not entirely usurpation it. It’s usually this large inner startle and she’s being pulled in dual opposite directions.

JJJ: After examination a pilot, we adore a attribute between Carter and her twin Taylor. As against to a some-more approaching dislike for one another right away, they bond flattering instantly. Will we see their attribute grow via a season?

KP: Their attribute is unequivocally sweet. And we don’t meant that it’s all cutesy and nice, since it’s unequivocally not. I’m a twin in genuine life, and we unequivocally consider a approach they are connected as twins, is unequivocally like how a lot of twins that we met are. Even yet they haven’t famous any other for 13 years, and Carter didn’t even know she has a twin, we usually consider when we share so many genes with someone, and a womb, we rise this tie – that we overtly consider if we had been divided from my twin for 13 years – when we met her, we theory it’s usually like an understanding. That attribute has blossoms a bit, and there are bumps and we see that play out.

JJJ: But we hear a child competence get between them…

KP: we don’t know how most we can say. Its weird. Carter creates kind of a reticent mistake in a initial part since we don’t consider she’s used to traffic with that [kind of situation]. we don’t consider Taylor even knows she even likes this guy. So we can know because Taylor gets angry with not picking adult on a fact that she likes him But we [also] know because Carter didn’t collect it up. She introduces them as really platonic friends. She kind of likes him. But there are approach bigger things that impact them than a Gabe thing [laughs].

JJJ: Any fun set stories we can share, or a favorite memory from filming?

KP: Last night, after we finished shooting, a props dialect male incited on their disco light and music, and everybody was in there dancing. So that was flattering cool. One of my favorite moments, we did this stage – we don’t know how most I’m authorised to contend – there are photocopied cinema of my face literally backing a walls of a school. It was so weird. That was surreal to come in and have that there. It’s unequivocally not good [laughs].

JJJ: Yeah, that sounds bizarre! Final doubt – what recommendation would we give Carter going into a pilot? Anything you’d wish to tell her?

KP: we would tell her to try to see a grey areas in people and how most people tumble into grey areas. Not usually meditative “this chairman is good” and “this chairman is bad.” Just saying all a things that people do and perplexing not to put anyone on a pedestal, or not [judging] anyone during a same time. Just be bargain of everybody and that there is a reason for all that chairman does. She won’t highlight out as most if she doesn’t try to put people in boxes. we know because she does that, yet we consider if she can, we would tell her to know that no one is all good or all bad.

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