Legends of Tomorrow recap: ‘The Magnificent Eight’

April 15, 2016 - Finding Carter

One a fundamental and pithy tensions of Legends of Tomorrow is to what border these not-yet-legends should meddle in a past. Or, put another way, if they declare an injustice, should they give into their drastic sides — that all of them have even if one or dual of them aren’t peaceful to acknowledge it — or should they spin a blind eye in sequence to safety a time stream? “The Magnificent Eight” deals with this problem conduct on as a organisation heads to a Wild West, specifically, a city called Salvation in a 1870s.

The organisation decides on this time and place given it is a time fragmentation, a specific place in time that a good ol’ Time Masters can’t see. The legends are anticipating to censor from a Time Hunters. For some reason, Rip suspicion he could move his organisation here and usually keep them on a ship. That’s really not a box given of a series of reasons, yet also given Ray loves a Old West.

Sporting period-appropriate clothes and side-arms, a organisation strolls into Salvation like they’re a organisation of Entourage: It’s a slow-motion opening with strut and bone-head tone-setting music. Because this is Legends, their initial stop is Salvation’s saloon. Again, given this is Legends, a bar quarrel ensues after Stein’s poker competition pulls on him for winning, forcing Leonard to fire him. A still figure sitting in a dilemma of a tavern fires a shot into a atmosphere and brings a joke to a halt. Everyone, meet Jonah Hex.

It becomes transparent that this isn’t a initial time Jonah has dealt with time travelers — he final to pronounce to Rip Hunter given he has “some difference that need saying.” So, they conduct behind to a ship, and we learn that these dual share a difficult history, one that involves Rip somehow gaining tenure of Jonah’s jacket. Jonah is endangered about what happened in a bar given a male Snart killed was a member of a Stillwater Gang, a organisation of raiders who have been pillaging a town. Obviously, Rip opposes interfering, given a timeline! But Ray final that they stay and assistance given it’s a right thing to do.

“Quite a posse of saints you’re roving along with,” quips Hex to Rip.

Sara notices that Kendra has pulled divided from a group. While they were during a bar, Kendra bumped into a lady and had a memory flash. Now, she wants to find a woman, and Sara decides to tab along, mostly so she can float a horse, yet also given she’s a good friend. Their outing into a gross West eventually leads them to a stay where they find a lady holding a gun, revelation them to get off her land. Thanks to another memory flash, Kendra realizes she’s articulate to a chronicle of herself.  

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As Sara and Kendra discuss with Old Kendra (The West Wing’s Anna Deavere Smith), they learn that she’s been vital out here on her possess given Vandal Savage done her a widower. She warns Kendra that each attribute with someone who isn’t Carter will usually lead to heartbreak — predestine will always actively work opposite it. This is a lot for Kendra to hoop given she’s been perplexing to make clarity of her feelings for Ray while also traffic with her returning feelings for Carter.

Meanwhile, a organisation creates skeleton to take on a Stillwater Gang. The initial step is anticipating out where they’re located, that Stein accomplishes by bribing a barkeeper for info. While during a saloon, he meets a lady whose son is failing of tuberculosis.

Jonah Hex and Ray (going by John Wayne given of course) conduct to a sheriff’s bureau for help. The policeman is withdrawal town, though, given he’s sleepy of traffic with a gang… that means that Ray gets to be a new sheriff!

NEXT: The Time Hunters are coming!

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