Linda Carter creates a pass during Woody in EastEnders!

August 22, 2017 - Finding Carter

EastEnders Linda Woody

Shirley is endangered when she realises that Linda is still assured that Mick isn’t over Whitney. In a bid to encourage her, she invites Woody and Whitney for a Carter family lunch to well-spoken things over. Linda gets tipsy, however, and starts flirting with Woody to try and breeze adult Mick. As a atmosphere gets some-more awkward, Linda snaps and furiously tells Woody what’s been going on.

Lauren is behind in a Square and launches herself into marriage planning. After anticipating out that a register bureau wants to pull a date back, Lauren has a wobble. Things are usually done worse when she tries on her dress and a highlight of what’s going on gets to her. Breaking down, Lauren tells Abi that Steven isn’t well. Lauren confronts Steven and tells him it’s time he told Ian and Jane about his condition.

Sharon is unfortunate to get Phil and Jay behind on lane and she talks to Phil about creation justification with him. Visiting Jay, Sharon insists that he’s partial of a family. Later, Jay is left dumbfounded when he gets a warn visitor…

Also, Stacey finds out because Max is in a poignant mood after he rows with Carmel. Jane and Ian are repelled when they learn that Bobby has put them on his call list.

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