Love The Way You Lie: Ranking The Biggest ‘Finding Carter’ Fakers

April 2, 2015 - Finding Carter

We all know Karmy totally nailed that whole “Faking It” thing with a AmyKarmaLiam adore triangle — er, does Reagan make it a adore square? We digress. That said, a organisation on “Finding Carter” contingency be closet “Faking It” fans, since they’re mostly only a step behind Karmy when it comes to formulating facades.

Kicking off this Tuesday, MTV will be re-airing episodes of “Faking It” following all-new eps of “Finding Carter,” strictly creation Tuesdays a many favorite night of a week! In celebration, we’d like to arrange a biggest fakers on “Finding Carter,” starting with a realest (and we use that Iggy Izalea tenure lightly):

  1. MTV

  2. MTV

  3. MTV

  4. MTV

+ Do we determine with a “Finding Carter” phony rankings? Comment with your thoughts, and locate an all-new part this Tuesday during 10/9c followed by “Faking It” during 11/10c!


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