Man in DC acid for long-lost father

January 21, 2015 - Finding Carter

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — A male vital in a Brookland area of D.C. is acid for his long-lost father.

Lamar Carter reached out on Facebook for assistance anticipating his birth father, who he has never met. He has done several catastrophic attempts to find him. Carter says his father’s name competence be famous as “Sonny” Tyler or Taylor and that he competence have been a military officer in New Jersey.

In a Facebook post progressing this month, Carter acted with a print for a photo, anticipating to get a lead.

The print reads:

“My name is LAMAR CARTER. we am looking for my prolonged mislaid father.

– we was born: NOVEMBER 4, 1986 in NEWARK, NJ

– My late mother’s name: YVETTE MARIE CARTER

– Possible Father’s Name: “SONNY” TYLER / TAYLOR

– May have been a New Jersey military officer; have roots in Florida; and have other kids/wife”

We reached out to Carter for some-more information. The following is his story in his possess words:

I was innate on Nov 4, 1986 during Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, New Jersey to Yvette Marie Carter and…someone else. I’ve never been means to find someone and during times we haven’t had a enterprise to. However, now that I’m in my late 20s and closer to 30 than we used to be, that blank still remains. Once a calendars went to 2015, we motionless to restart a hunt for a father we never met.

“My mom Yvette mislaid her conflict with AIDS in 1988 during a age of 24. we was usually 2 years aged during a time so any memory of her has been upheld down by my sister Christine Carter, 33, my grandmother Roberta Fuller, 68, or other family friends. The same can be pronounced about a information per my father.

All I’ve ever had was a name – Sonny Tyler. Maybe Sonny is a nickname, maybe not. Either way, it’s a name we was told. It isn’t a name on my birth certificate (my father’s name is “N/A” there) though it’s a name I’ve left with. I’ve also listened other tidbits about him: that maybe he worked in law coercion (in my hometowns of Newark or East Orange, New Jersey); that maybe he was in construction and lived nearby a late aunt of mine, Mary Jenkins, or “Aunt Betty”; that he had mettle like mine; that he had another wife, another child – a son – somewhere in Florida.

The partial about Sonny presumably carrying another child is critical to me. Besides assembly him and gaining a whole side of an already tiny family tree, it would meant I’d have another sibling. It could also supplement context to Yvette and Sonny assembly – from what we was told flourishing up, Yvette desired Christine and we dearly, though Yvette was also a prostitute, drug user and tiny time rapist in a 80’s as well. No contrition here – diamonds come from pressure. And a tattoo on my right arm with her name will always remain. All we know is, formed on when we was born, a dual would have had to have met around 1985 or during slightest January-March 1986, given we know how babies work and all.

There are other stories about Sonny that we know. we know a one time Roberta and family crony Dalia Nieves – a tighten crony of Yvette’s during this time – met Sonny, he forsaken them off during Aunt Betty’s residence in Newark…so maybe he was a good man. we remember Dalia revelation me that he once came looking for me when a family stayed in a Seth Boyden projects in Newark, usually to be rebuffed for some reason…so maybe he cared.

I also remember a time when we was in facile propagandize during Dionne Warwick Institute in East Orange, New Jersey. One day, we was called to a bureau and told my father was here to see me. A really rare moment, though a carefree one during a time. When we arrived during a office, no one was there…so maybe it was him and he was frightened off, or maybe it wasn’t.

Carter wants to finally accommodate his father and tell him about all a things he has achieved: graduating from Rutgers University, roving to Europe, operative in Athletics during Howard University, among other things. He hopes that a chairman who came looking for him will come brazen again.

If we competence have information that competence assistance Carter, greatfully hit him during or his Instagram @lcarter031.

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