Marc Carter searches for deputy for autistic son Ben’s favourite cup

November 16, 2016 - Finding Carter

Dad's hunt for blue crater for autistic son who won't splash from anything else
Ben Carter doesn’t use any other cups (Picture: @GrumpyCarer)

A large hunt is underway for a small blue cup.

Marc Carter is perplexing to find a deputy for his 13-year-old son’s Tommee Tippee container.

Ben Carter has serious autism and will not splash out of anything else – though his one is descending apart.

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The teenager, who lives in Devon with his family, has already been rushed to sanatorium twice as a outcome of dehydration.

‘The crater keeps him alive,’ Mr Carter, 42, told BBC.

‘If we mislaid a crater and couldn’t find another Ben would die. He would be put on fluids in sanatorium though he would wrench out a tubes.

‘This small blue crater dictates a life.’

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Mr Carter is anticipating a internet can assistance him find a deputy after creation a defence on Twitter on Monday.

The manufacturer of a crater has already attempted to assistance though it’s having difficulty anticipating a reproduction since a cups were dropped 10 years ago and were done privately for Boots.

Tommee Tippee tweeted Mr Carter, aka @GrumpyCarer, they had a dedicated group acid a cupboards for Ben’s cup.

If that fails afterwards a lot of people online have charity solutions.

Some have pronounced they’ll send him their aged Tommee Tippee cups, with one 16-year-old charity a reproduction he had been regulating all his life.

‘I cried. It’s been incredible. we didn’t design it,’ Mr Carter added.

Some users even suggested recreating a crater regulating a 3D printer.

Mr Carter, who also has dual other children with special needs, has perceived 7 cups so distant though if we find the accurate one hit him by a @PMPProject Twitter page.

blue cup.jpg Dad's hunt for a small blue crater for his son goes viral (Twitter/Marc Carter)
Have we got one of these Tommee Tippee cups? (Picture: @GrumpyCarer)

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