MAS euthanizes dog notwithstanding guaranteed adoption

December 24, 2014 - Finding Carter

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A dog who was guaranteed to be adopted was euthanized Saturday.

“I’m unhappy since he’d be sitting here in front of my grate right now if they hadn’t killed him,” Vickie Carter said.

On Dec 16, Carter discovered a dog from dual others who were aggressive him. He had teenager injuries and indispensable medical attention, so she took him to Memphis Animal Services since it was opposite a street, and since she suspicion his owners competence live circuitously and would check MAS for him.

Carter told WREG she asked MAS staff to make certain a dog wasn’t killed since she designed to get him out. That communication reportedly enclosed conversations with mixed staff members, a veterinarian, and even executive James Rogers.

She also pronounced she would adopt a dog if no one claimed him, and was told to wait until Saturday, a dog’s examination date, to get him.

But when Carter arrived, she couldn’t find a dog. A staff member told her he had been euthanized. When asked why, a staff member replied, “I don’t know.”

“If it didn’t get put down that someone wanted to adopt that dog, afterwards they’re not doing their pursuit and something needs to change. This needs to stop,” Carter said.

Carter will attend a preserve advisory board’s subsequent open assembly to direct answers. Carter also claims MAS was half dull when a dog she’d brought in was euthanized.

Rogers reliable a dog was euthanized Saturday, and sent a following statement:

It is with frank reparation and low bewail that, unfortunately, MAS incorrectly humanely euthanized Pet ID# 273747 on Saturday, Dec 20, 2014.  It is loyal that Vickie Carter came to MAS with an harmed dog on Dec 16, 2014 and requested time to network a dog. MAS unsuccessful to ask Ms. Carter’s ask in a system. With no information in a complement of her ask a pet was humanely euthanized on a examination date. 

When asked about probable disciplinary action, Rogers pronounced in an email, “An executive fact anticipating conference will be hold within 10 (10) days. The worker will be given an event to beg his/her box along with kinship representation.  A preference will be rendered after a hearing. The preference will be fair, impartial, and appropriate.”

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