‘Max Steel’ Gets Ready to Save a World in First US Trailer (Video)

September 6, 2016 - Finding Carter

In a new trailer for “Max Steel,” a teenager’s life is incited upside down when he discovers his physique produces appetite he can’t control.

Ben Winchell (“Finding Carter“) plays 16-year-old Max McGrath, who teams adult with an supernatural drudge named Steel. Together, they form a film’s eponymous superhero.

“Your father believed he could save a world,” says a voiceover. “It’s adult to we now, Max.”

“Silicon Valley” actor Josh Brenner voices Steel, while a rest of a expel includes Andy Garcia, Maria Bello and Ana Villafane.

“Max of Steel” is formed on a renouned superhero skill from Mattel, that is producing with Dolphin Films.

The film is written by Christopher Yost and destined by Stewart Hendler. Julia Pistor, who is no foreigner to family entertainment, is producing for Mattel’s Playground Productions.

“It’s a family, coming-of-age superhero film with some comedy elements,” Hendler told Yahoo Movies on Wednesday. “One of a things that we unequivocally adore about a film is a attribute between Max and Steel, a small floating visitor dude. It has a friend comedy vibe to it. And that’s my favorite partial of a film, a heart and a chaff of a film. But eventually it’s an start story for this Mattel code that is about a superhero that is literally a multiple of an visitor and a teenager. So we explain a roots of that.”

The Open Road film will open in theaters on Oct. 14.

Watch a trailer above.

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