Meredith Baxter talks about her divergent ‘Finding Carter’ character

August 12, 2014 - Finding Carter

When TV oldster Meredith Baxter popped adult in a commander of MTV’s Finding Carter, fans weren’t a usually ones who were anticipating she’d be behind this season. The EW Community talked to Baxter about what captivated her to a uncover (hint: It’s some-more than only a appealing immature stars) and what’s subsequent for her Bad Grandma character, Joan.


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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY COMMUNITY: Tell me about what captivated we to a purpose on Finding Carter.
 I unequivocally favourite a whole grounds of a uncover to start with, and within that, we always wish to play a impression that is unequivocally well-defined. You know what they like, we know what they don’t like, we know what pisses them off. So in any conditions that comes, we know, “Oh, Joan’s gonna have a greeting to that!” So we wish a assembly to be forward of you. And my character, she’s unequivocally rich and unequivocally determining and she doesn’t like a husband. She is divisive, and will criticise those that she doesn’t consider are fit. And that’s unequivocally attractive.

Your character, Grandma Joan, unequivocally shows her colors during a girls’ birthday celebration in this week’s episode. Did we have any thought how a impression would rise when we filmed the pilot?
I did not have an bargain of how she was going to evolve. At first, we was fearful she was only going to kind of be a small milquetoast-y, that is reduction interesting. Once she had room to develop, they unequivocally done something utterly interesting.

Grandma Joan has some stretched relations with other characters on a show. Can we give us any hints about how those tensions are going to unfold?
You know, we don’t know how that’s going to unfold. we wish we did, though we don’t. we can trust that we will be behind and substantially make someone’s life a small some-more miserable, though we don’t know accurately how.

Your character is particularly adversarial towards Alexis Denisof’s character, David. How do a dual of we get along when a cameras stop rolling?
We haven’t interacted most during all. His scenes have been primarily with other people, and we haven’t had an event yet—but boy, sparks will fly.

What’s a atmosphere like on the Finding Carter set?
Well, there’s a lot of unequivocally young, fresh, appealing actors on a show. we haven’t unequivocally worked with that many young, appealing people before. They’re unequivocally into their phones, and they seem to be unequivocally tight-knit already. we like how they form these alliances so fast and so easily. It’s a unequivocally good group, we have to say, and flattering good disciplined. They do their work unequivocally good and we admire that.

Have any of a immature actors on set asked we for advice?
I don’t see any of them seeking me for any advice, no. If they’re like my kids, they kind of know everything. They don’t need to know anything we learned. That would be a aged days.

What do we consider of Grandma Joan? Were we vehement to see Meredith Baxter on Finding Carter? Tell us in a comments!

Finding Carter front Tuesdays during 10/9C on MTV.

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