Michael Carter-Williams: Charlotte Hornets a ‘bright light’ after NBA threw him shade

July 9, 2017 - Finding Carter

This Charlotte Hornets coaching staff has a clever record with reclamation projects.

Jeremy Lin was on a outs with a Los Angeles Lakers when he sealed with a Hornets a summer of 2015. He played so good his singular deteriorate in Charlotte that a Brooklyn Nets gave him a outrageous contract. Nic Batum was entrance off his misfortune NBA deteriorate with a Portland Trail Blazers when a Hornets acquired him. A year later, he’d played so good a Hornets offering him $120 million.

Now a exam is Michael Carter-Williams, a Hornets’ new backup indicate guard. He sealed for a singular deteriorate and $2.7 million, contemplative of how his career has declined given being NBA Rookie of a Year in 2014.

It’s opposite here. It’s a splendid light for me; they know their instruction and they’re looking for pieces. we cruise we can be a large help.

Michael Carter-Williams about his purpose with a Hornets

He’s been traded twice in 4 seasons. His latest team, a Chicago Bulls, chose not to make him a subordinate offer to shorten his giveaway agency. He never held on as a Bull after being traded from a Milwaukee Bucks median by a preseason.

“It was tough in Chicago,” Carter-Williams pronounced in a one-on-one speak with a Observer. “I came in off an damage (a knee bruise). we didn’t get a training stay in Chicago. we was behind a lot in a plays, in a team’s chemistry. Everything in a classification was going in a opposite direction.

“It’s opposite here. It’s a splendid light for me; they know their instruction and they’re looking for pieces. we cruise we can be a large help.”


Carter-Williams’ flaws are well-chronicled: He is a career 25 percent 3-point shooter in a joining where long-range sharpened is everlastingly important. He’s not a best pick-and-roll indicate guard, and that is executive to roughly each NBA offense.

But cruise a assets: He is 6-foot-6 with a 7-foot wingspan, that allows him to urge possibly ensure position and interrupt flitting lanes. He has 5 career triple-doubles and flirted with a quadruple-double his initial diversion in a NBA.

As starting indicate ensure Kemba Walker pronounced Wednesday, there is each reason for him to be as inspired as any Hornet this season.

“He feels he has to infer himself,” pronounced Walker, who served as a matchmaker between a Hornets and Carter-Williams. “I don’t cruise there’s any other conditions he should be in, though with us.”

The structure is there: The Hornets have a reputable sharpened manager in Bruce Kreutzer and a point-guard guru in Steve Hetzel, who helped Walker strech All-Star status.

This is a primary event to get behind on course, and potentially acquire a remunerative multiyear agreement with a Hornets or some other group in a summer of 2018.

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Kemba Walker takes credit for MCW

Charlotte Hornets ensure Kemba Walker says that he orchestrated Michael Carter-Williams’ attainment on a team.

John Simmons


Walker and Carter-Williams share roots in a aged pattern of a Big East; Walker starred for Connecticut and Carter-Williams played for Syracuse before a Philadelphia 76ers drafted him 11th altogether in 2013.

These dual worked out together a summer before Carter-Williams’ rookie season. They have a same agent, Jeff Schwartz, who represents several Hornets.

So when Walker did his sales representation – both to Carter-Williams and Hornets government – he drew everyone’s attention.

“Any time your best actor endorses a player, you’ve got to listen,” Hornets ubiquitous manager Rich Cho said.

Kemba (Walker) told me manager (Steve Clifford) is a unequivocally straight-up and honest guy. That’s large for me.

Michael Carter-Williams on a Hornets coach

Walker and Carter-Williams had a prolonged speak about a Hornets’ culture, quite manager Steve Clifford’s persona. Clifford can be brutally honest with players, though they conclude meaningful where they stand.

“Kemba told me manager is a unequivocally straight-up and honest guy,” Carter-Williams said. “That’s large for me. I’ve been told a million things in this league. we was Rookie of a Year, and afterwards got traded…

“So it’s tough for me to lay behind and trust all we hear.”

Carter-Williams’ inexpensive salary, personification a reward position, speaks to both his stream standing in a joining and a Hornets looking to equivocate profitable oppulance tax.

However, he checks several boxes a Hornets desired: A large indicate ensure who can play with or apart from Walker. A man whose tallness competence lessen rookie Malik Monk being tiny for a sharpened ensure during 6-3. A long-armed defender who could interrupt competition flitting lanes, and assistance teammates redeem defensively.

Bad as a dais was final season, a Hornets need Carter-Williams as most as Carter-Williams needs them. It’s a plan good value everyone’s energy.


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