Mom gets trial after son drowns in caring of high babysitter

June 24, 2016 - Finding Carter

GRANBURY — Jurors in Granbury condemned a immature mom to 4 years of trial Thursday after anticipating her guilty of damage to a child and child endangerment.

The box stems from a drowning of 3-year-old Aaryn Thacker in May 2015.

Searchers feared a misfortune when they found his bike with training wheels nearby Lake Granbury. Then, they found a child drowned usually off shore.

Neighbors and authorities had been acid frantically given anticipating his 1-year-old sister erratic alone in a Sandy Beach neighborhood.

Azaria Thacker, 25, had left her children during home with a baby sitter. She told investigators she didn’t know 18-year-old Briana Delbridge was on meth.

“She saw no sincere signs of meth use a morning she left a kids with this sitter,” pronounced invulnerability profession Richard Hattox.

Hattox was a Hood County district profession for 16 years. He says a mom worked dual jobs, nonetheless couldn’t means daycare.

So, she devoted Delbridge.

“This 18-year-old ‘babysitter,’ we’ll call her, had no home. No resources. No food. No car,” Hattox said. “So she gave her a place to stay.”

Hattox says Thacker certified she let a teen stay with her kids, even nonetheless she had seen her do drugs a few days before. He says some-more than a dozen witnesses testified that Azaria Thacker attempted to be a good mother.

He pronounced she’s profitable a cost for a bad decision. But he also blames a hold of meth, and miss of resources for operative relatives in bad communities.

Advocates for encourage children in Hood County agree.

“We are portion 25 percent some-more children this year than we were during this time final year, and mostly as a outcome of meth,” pronounced Cynthia Carter of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). “It’s systemic, and you’ve got to residence it in some-more than a punitive way.”

The former prosecutor agrees.

“I consider too most importance is put, maybe, on putting people in prison,” Hattox said, “and maybe not adequate in providing amicable services.”

The babysitter also faces charges of damage to a child, endangering a child, and drug possession. She has not nonetheless been tried.

The babysitter tested certain for meth. Azaria Thacker did not.

Child Protective Services placed Thacker’s other dual children with family members. She can see them usually a few hours a month.

But 3-year-old Aaryn Thacker paid a top price.

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