MTV Isn’t What It Used To Be

August 13, 2017 - Finding Carter

MTV recently canceled 3 of a scripted shows after usually one deteriorate each. Original array like Faking It, Eye Candy, Happyland, and Finding Carter have all been canceled given 2014. Fear Factor’s premiere ratings this year were good — scarcely a million sum viewers, with strong viewership among a 18-to-34 set — though that pales in comparison to a network’s past juggernauts. Jersey Shore’s Season 3 premiere, for instance, had 8.4 million viewers.

MTV’s president, Chris McCarthy, seems to be banking on formerly successful unscripted calm as he tries to reestablish a brand. Earlier this month, another Teen Mom appendage premiered: Teen Mum, with a same grounds though formed in a UK. (Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 — they even combined a new mom! — are still on a air, and a network is still producing reunion specials, never-before-seen-footage episodes, and online-exclusive content.) This week, a network announced a summer existence slate, including a lot of informed themes: Siesta Key, a docudrama done by a producers of Laguna Beach, follows hot, white, abounding teenagers in Florida, and premieres on Jul 31. Catfish is spinning off into Catfish: Trolls, wherein participants confront their online aggressors instead of their online romances. In new months, MTV has also regenerated aged faithfuls like Fear Factor, My Super Sweet 16 and Cribs.

“The idea is to lift in new audiences,” Amy Doyle, executive clamp boss and ubiquitous manager of MTV, Logo, and VH1, tells BuzzFeed News. “The assembly that maybe years ago watched The Hills would see Siesta Key and pull substantially a comparison to that. To a new audience, it’s going to be uninformed and new and they don’t have a context of The Hills from years past.”

MTV’s bread and butter has prolonged been a brew of song videos, speak shows, awards shows, live shows, stripped-down live shows, docudramas, and rival existence shows. Right now, however, it doesn’t seem to have one executive signature authorization that’s still functioning as a rarely essential business for them, never mind a informative force that people can’t stop articulate about.

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