Variety is reporting that MTV’s Finding Carter, a story of a immature lady entrance to terms with training that a lady who lifted her was indeed her kidnapper, has been canceled. Shaking off a binds of Stockholm Syndrome that can rise between any TV channel and a uncover that keeps during slightest partial of a assembly captive, a network announced that a series’ recently resolved second deteriorate will be a last.

Look, we’ll be honest: we stopped covering Finding Carter halfway by a final season, so we’re not wholly certain what happened in a show’s final 12 episodes.(Although, in a imaginations, it involves a lot of people yelling, “But she’s my daughter, damn it!” while Alexis Denisof smarmily smirks). Looking during a show’s Wikipedia page, though, it looks like it finished with a unsatisfactory brew of murders, dark parents, and drama, and not—as we’d always, personally hoped—with array star Kathryn Prescott walking divided from all a nonsense, smiling to herself, and dogmatic “It’s finally time for me to be Finding Carter.” Alas, a fan-fic will have to suffice.

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