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August 10, 2018 - Finding Carter

Cyrus Howard certified gunning down James Richardson Jr. in a corridor of Richardson’s Hunter Ridge Circle home on Jul 30 and told military where to find a gun he used, a investigator testified Friday in Columbus Recorder’s Court.

Cpl. Stuart Carter pronounced Howard’s mom lives usually down a travel from Richardson’s 6145 Hunter Ridge Circle home, where a victim’s mom called military after anticipating her husband’s physique about 9:20 p.m. that Monday.

Officers canvassing a area for witnesses suspected Howard after conference he was seen walking from his mother’s home to Richardson’s and back, Carter said.

So they converged on a mother’s house, where they initial spoke with Howard’s brother, who was shy about either Howard was there, a investigator said. Then officers listened a voice in another room and called Howard’s name, and Howard came from a behind bedroom to a kitchen where military were doubt his brother.

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When Howard’s mom gave them accede to hunt a residence, investigators found Howard’s garments in a lavatory tub, shower in bleach, Carter said.

Over a subsequent few days, Howard wavered on either to give military a statement, primarily revelation them usually that he’d famous Richardson for 4 or 5 years, a officer said. Finally on Aug. 2, Howard came with his mom to military headquarters, where he was suggested of his rights and concluded to pronounce with detectives, Carter said.

That’s when Howard told them he’d walked to Richardson’s home and shot a 36-year-old regularly when Richardson came to a door, afterwards went behind to his mother’s and took her automobile to his Lee Street unit to get absolved of a gun, a investigator said.

He told them a crony had a gun in another apartment, and that’s where military recovered a weapon, anticipating it was a same size as a bullets that killed Richardson, and live bullets in a gun matched a spent bombard casings found during a scene, Carter said.

Judge Julius Hunter found illusive means to send a box to Muscogee Superior Court, grouping Howard, 48, hold but bond.

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